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Matt wakes up every day with a cup of Spanish coffee (café con leche) and a purpose. To inspire and ignite small business leaders to own and live their lives and small business with excellence.

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Become An Award Winning Company

Matt's first book, Become an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know, was published and released in 2011.

This book details a simple 7 step process for any small business owner to win business awards and leverage them to obtain free marketing exposure and brand recognition and growth. Matt shares stories from his small business journey as well, shares stories from other business leaders such as Dave Ramsey (The Dave Ramsey Show & Ramsey Solutions) & Curt Richardson (Otterbox)

Matt is currently writing his next book titled Small Business Paella: A Recipe to Grow an Authentic and Excellent Tasting Small Business, which will release in April 2021.



Leadership Jiu Jitsu

Your business will only grow to the level that you grow. Your business will only grow to the degree that you care for, inspire and lead your people. Leadership, like Jiu Jitsu is a gentle art. It's lessons will humble you. The journey, filled with challenges, starts with the first step. Wherever you find yourself in your leadership journey, Matt will meet you where you are and journey alongside you.

Leadership Jiu Jitsu (LJJ) was created by Matt, combining 30 years of small business experience, 20 years of pursuing leadership, and 13 years of jiu jitsu training. LJJ is a life changing, eye opening, and heart touching experience for small business leaders. The best part, Matt teaches this program, bringing small business leaders to southern Spain. Matt's next LJJ retreat is planned for 2021. Dates to be released...

Leadership Jiu Jitsu Training

Matt has a lot to say about life, leadership and small business.

As a kid in school, Matt was always told.  Sit down! Shut up!

Matt's unique experiences in life, leadership and small business may be just what you and your company need to hear at your next event.

Matt brings a highly caffeinated message, packed full of inspiration and practical action. No theory, all practice. Matt shares stories from decades on the business front line. He has been there, done that, is still there, still doing that.