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📚Author, 😀 Serial Entrepreneur, 🎤 Speaker,  🏠 Realtor, 🇪🇸 Spain Aficionado, 🥘 Paella Chef ☕️🇪🇸 Spanish Coffee Addict, 🥋Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Life Changing Leadership Retreats in Southern Spain

The Gentle Art of Leadership™

Your business will only grow to the level that you grow. Your business will only grow to the degree that you care for, inspire and lead your people. Leadership, is a gentle art. It’s lessons will humble you. The journey, filled with challenges, starts with the first step. Wherever you find yourself in your leadership journey, Matt will meet you where you are and journey alongside you.

The Gentle Art of Leadership™ is a personal and professional leadership development program created by Matt. This program combines Matt’s decades of small business experience and leadership experience into tangible and practical action steps you can take to improve your leadership. The Gentle Art of Leadership™is a life changing, eye opening, and heart touching experience for small business leaders. The best part, Matt teaches this program, bringing small business leaders to southern Spain. Matt’s next Gentle Art of Leadership™ Ultimate Immersion Experience is happening in Southern Spain May 2023. Click here to learn more.

Connect with Clients Through Brave and Vulnerable Storytelling

Painted Baby

Painting a picture of perfection prevents true connection.

Every business leader has a dirty little secret tucked away, never dreaming they would share it with anyone, let alone prospective clients. But revealing it tells an important story and lays the groundwork for genuine connections between you, your clients, and those you serve. It inspires others, showing them that honesty is a priority and accountability is unconditional.

Revealing this secret empowers you to show the best version of yourself by sharing how you have handled your worst moments—which is exactly what your clients want to understand.

In Painted Baby, serial entrepreneur Matt Shoup shows how to establish real and deep connections, build true rapport, and create long-lasting trust with clients and others you serve. He invites you on an empowering journey to explore your imperfections and grow comfortable with your guard down, allowing the rawest, most compelling version of yourself to shine through. You’ll learn the tenets of great storytelling, why crafting your message counts, and how to communicate with conviction, even when you’re vulnerable. Are you ready for a challenge? Step outside your comfort zone with this innovative approach to embracing imperfection.

"Become An Award Winning Company"

Matt's First Book

Matt’s first book, Become an Award Winning Company: 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know, was published and released in 2011.

This book shares a simple process Matt discovered to win business awards and leverage them to obtain free marketing exposure, brand credibility and growth. Matt details the simple steps and exact process any business owner can follow to begin winning business awards. Matt shares stories from his small business journey as well, shares stories from other award winning business leaders such as Dave Ramsey (The Dave Ramsey Show & Ramsey Solutions) & Curt Richardson (Otterbox).

Keynote Speaker

Hire Matt to Speak

Matt’s unique experiences in life, leadership and small business may be just what you and your company need to hear at your next event.

Matt brings a highly caffeinated message, packed full of inspiration and practical action. No theory, all practice. Matt shares stories from decades on the business front line. He has been there, done that, is still there, still doing that.

Matt is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.