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How the Health of Your Organization Depends on Your Personal Growth

The Power of Vulnerability in Life, Business and Leadership with Matt Shoup.

A Faith Story with Matt Shoup.

Business Chop. Want to Sell More, Tell Your Story

Author Hour. Matt Shoup Speaks About His New Book Painted Baby.

My First 1000 with Adrian Moreno. How M & E Painting landed their first 1,000 customers.

The Profit First Podcast. The Irony of Success and Profitability with Matt Shoup.

Leadership Lessons with a CEO After Painting a Baby.

The LOCO Experience. Working In Your Strengths with Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor & Author, Matt Shoup.

Why Failure Has a Place in Your Business

From Banker to Multimillion dollar companies

TopNotch Agents - Episode 4

Matt Shoup discusses the problem today with leadership and communication.

How Matt Shoup Systematized His Painting Company so that it Runs Without Him Successfully and Generates about $2Mill Annually!

Free Your Inner Financial Badass.

Powerful Service with Matt Shoup

We Painted a Baby with Matt Shoup

Spanish Coffee, Paella and Growing Companies with Matt Shoup

The Gentle Art of Leadership with Matt Shoup

Why Failure Has a Place in Your Business

Painted Baby and Leading with Vulnerability

Author, Speaker, Spain Aficionado, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt Matt Shoup

How Failure Can Unlock Success

Being Well Rounded with Matt Shoup

Painted Baby: Connect with Clients Through Brave and Vulnerable Storytelling


Building a Business from the Ground Up

How & Why Author Matt Shoup Is Helping To Change Our World

How to Grow Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Grow Both Personally and Professionally

How to Grow a Business That Can Run Without You

How to Grow Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Grow Both Personally and Professionally

Fixing Bottlenecks in Your Business

Emphasis on People over Profits Has Been Key to the Revitalization of M&E Painting

Free Paint to Good Home

Driven to Succeed

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