Write the Story of Your Life

When an author writes and crafts a book, he or she starts with the end in mind. I kept that in mind as I wrote my book Become an Award Winning Company. I carefully structured each chapter and section, and I had intention with each and every word I wrote on the page. I didn’t just start writing, see where I ended up, and then called that a book. I guess I could have called it a book, but who would want to read that?

When you go out into the world, being clearly defined and knowing what you stand for is crucial. Once you know this, it becomes imperative that you craft a vision for your life. You can not take something as powerful as your personal declaration statement and what you stand for and not do anything with it. Entrepreneurs must have a vision. Your business must have a vision. Your family must have a vision, and your life must have a vision.

Your vision is painting the picture of what life looks, acts and feels like 2, 3, 5, 10 years down the road. The power of vision happens in the mind. Your mind will give you what you focus on. If you have a clearly crafted vision talking about yourself in the “I am” in the present tense while you refer to the future, your mind has to focus its energy on attaining this. If you have no vision, then life will take you where ever it wants. Whatever you allow in your head at the given time will blow you around like a strong wind, and you will end up who knows where. Athletes vision the end of their race, game or competition. High performing sales people vision walking out of a closed deal. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream was his vision for a future. What is your vision? Do you have one? If not, why not? Here are some tips on creating a vision for your life.

• Get away from the noise and change scenery. Go to the mountains, the beach, or a quite and peaceful place.
• Turn off the phone, computer, social media and all distractions.
• Dream on paper, don’t worry about how things will happen, just put down what you are being blessed with.
• Do not worry about form, grammar or style, just brain dump.
• Ask yourself these questions: What am I enjoying in life? Whose company am I enjoying the presence of? What is the general feel of my life? What is not in my life? What am I doing in my spare time? What is happening in my business, my life, my family, my social life, financially, spiritually? What am I learning?
• Write everything in the present tense using the words “I am” and the tense of “ing”: i.e. doing, making, living, enjoying, practicing, vacationing, etc.
• No failure with honor words. Eliminate words like try, be able to, have to, need to, want to, will, these allow you to fail and be okay with it. Use strong and empowering language.
• Once you create the vision, edit it, and then write it out with correct grammar.
• Use pictures to associate with some of your aspirations and make a vision board. Post this vision board somewhere you can see it often.

These are just a few tips on how to create and craft a vision. Remember, without a vision, you will never be able to declare and decide the life you want to live. If you do not have a vision for yourself, chances are you will be helping someone else attain theirs.