Who are your passengers?

As we have been talking about the journey of business and life over the past few weeks, we arrive to a very important part of your journey. So far we have talked about who you are, what you stand for, your vision, and then action plan to realize your vision. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, leader, community member, stay at home mom or dad (you name the role, it counts here), it is crucial and critical to align ourselves with people who can uplift, encourage, support, and inspire us in our journey.

If you read back to the blog “What Do You Stand For”, I asked you to evaluate the five people you are closest to and spend the most time with in your life. So, who are they? Chances are very strong to certain that you will become the sum of these people you spend the most time with. That being said, are these people encouraging, supporting, loving, driving, have a winning attitude? Do they go happen to the world or does the world happen to them? Are they there at every single step of your journey to help you along they way?
Or are they bringing you down, discouraging you, holding you back, or telling you to slow the car down, hit the brakes, or flat out trying to crash your car?

Some of the hardest decisions I ever had to make in my life were to stop associating with people who were not supportive of my dreams, vision, goals and journey. Letting them go was difficult, and at times very painful, but it was also refreshing and renewing, and I would never have ever been able to do this without the support of the people around me that were supposed to be in my circle.

Evaluate your life and your circle of people. Are you happy and satisfied with them? Do you need to make any changes, adjustments, and take a new direction with anybody? If you keep on the track and journey with your current circle, where will you end up? Are you satisfied with that?