What voices do you listen to as an entrepreneur?

In your daily life as an entrepreneur and business owner, you are bombarded with a lot of voices. Some are worth listening to and many are not. There are two different types of voices and two categories of each type of voice:

• Your inner voice of encouragement
• Your inner voice of destruction
• Outer voices of encouragement
• Outer voices of destruction

First is the category of your own voice and your self talk. Your mind is powerful and can create a story, and outcome in your head before it even happens. Your inner and self speaking voice is very powerful and can lead you to ultimate success and encouragement or destruction. How you decide to listen, or not listen, to your inner voice is very important. I only chose to listen to my inner voice of encouragement that builds me up, inspires me to grow and makes me desire to be and do better in my life and business. The more I chose to listen to my inner voice of encouragement, the less room my inner voice of destruction has.

At times the negative and destructive voice comes along. Even the most positive person on the planet will have a negative inner voice come along. When these voices start to creep in, it is crucial that you write down and review your positive affirmations out loud and with strength and power. These positive affirmations will also cancel out and strangle the negative inner voices. It shuts them up immediately when these affirmations are declared with power and certainty. Some examples of my affirmations are:

• I am strong spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, entrepreneurially and all around rock solid.
• I listen to the positive voices in my life. Those of my wife, my children, my crew and those who inspire and encourage me.
• I am woken up by my passion every day.
• I am the world’s most phenomenal father and my children adore me.
• I speak only words of encouragement, love and inspiration.
• I am the worlds most phenomenal husband adored by Emily.

The second category of voices is those of others. As you grow and become a successful and impactful entrepreneur, many will doubt you, hate on you and talk bad about you. Few to your face, many when you are not around. For every one of these naysayers are hundreds of positive, encouraging and uplifting voices and people who will shine a light of positivity and encouragement into your life and business.
Surround yourself with positive speaking people. All people who are extremely successful and impactful very rarely speak negatively about anything or anybody. Successful and impactful people also learn to tune out the noise, hate and negative speak of others. Because they do not let any of these voices in, they become almost incapable of speaking negatively about others or themselves, thus silencing any negative inner voices they may have even more so.
A quick warning here: Do not mistake a person in your life that you can truly trust and that cares about you, who gives you strong feedback as a negative voice. Remember to consider the source of any feedback or input. For example, if your best friend who you have known for 20 years and have been in business with for 15 years tells you that you are about to make a bad decision, you should listen. Remember that your close circle of people that care about you will have their voices come across with love, concern, and looking out for your best interest. Sometimes, these voices can be mistaken for a negative voice.
I am always conscience of my thoughts and voices. I quickly determine if they are voices of encouragement or voices of destruction. I focus on and hone in on my voices of encouragement and use positive affirmations to strengthen them. This helps to silence the inner voices of destruction. I am also sure to surround myself with positive people and to only listen to the feedback of the people who I feel are credible and caring enough to give me feedback. I take all feedback from the people I see value in seriously, and never confuse a crucial conversation with them as negative. Always remember that there are some people who just never have anything positive to say and never will, and to avoid that energy and those voices at all costs.