What Happens When You Decide to be Impactful

In last week’s blog, I shared a bit about my story of being successful and realizing that I was not being impactful. The word impact has become such a focus of mine moving into 2014. I am intently focused on impacting and inspiring others around me. I want to quickly share some of the thoughts and obstacles that have presented themselves so as you decide to become more impactful you can be ready.

Here are a few things that happened after I made the decision to be impactful:
• The first thing I realized is that being impactful does not mean to forget about success. It means to let impact be what constitutes success.
• Impact is not measurable like success is. I am a numbers guy and I measure and track everything, but impact cannot have a number put to it. Impact is the story you leave behind. It is the intangible and immeasurable parts of yourself that you give to somebody. Impact is permanent and does not fade away, unlike many of the measurable things that success leaves.
• Impact has everything to do with your purpose and being clearly defined as an entrepreneur and human. Impact means passionately putting those things into action.
• Success has been my own worst enemy. Success for me was all about what I could do, and my abilities. I know what I can do and what it takes to climb that next mountain. When it came to leading and inspiring others that is where my faith in powers greater than my own came into the picture.
• It would be easy to keep relying on myself and being more successful, but consciously choosing to take on the greater challenge of being impactful and leaving an intentional legacy is the challenge and the fight to show up to everyday.

When you decide to be more impactful there are forces, people and energy in the world that do not want that to happen. For me when I decided to “Do My Be”, and make this clear to the world and others around me, some interesting things started happening. Make sure to check out the video linked above to make sense of the “Do My Be” comment.

Here are some of the things that started happening:
• Many obstacles, challenges, doubts and roadblocks were placed right in front of me to prevent me from being impactful. This tested how serious and willing I was to do so. Some of these challenges presented themselves as people, situations, problems and attacks on me from many angles.
• Many people that believed in me and what I was doing started to let themselves be known. I love this energy and support and found out who was really in my corner.
• Other people that I thought would be in my corner decided not to be anymore. This is okay with me.
• I have been the most uncomfortable that I have ever been in my life and I know I am growing tremendously from this.

I hope this post was inspiring for you! I am excited to hear about your journey of impact and what that means to you. Please give me some feedback, comments and input about this.