What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Super Bowl

Every entrepreneur desires to win, grow, learn and be profitable. In my years of being a small business coach and keynote speaker for entrepreneurs, I have met and connected with some amazing people. In conversations with these people, I always search for the common themes attributed to their success and consistent patterns of winning. Just a few days ago, a great friend of mine hit the nail right on the head during a phone conversation we had.

My friends name is Dave Sanderson. Dave is an international keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Dave was a passenger on the Miracle on the Hudson flight that occurred back in 2009. I met Dave in 2013, when we both were speaking at an Entrepreneur’s Organization event in Atlantic City. Dave has presented his message close to 600 times since 2009, and is a seasoned, inspiring and phenomenal keynote speaker and entrepreneur. What I admire about Dave is his dedication to his craft, as well as his willingness to pour into others pursuing the same craft and profession of public speaking.

During our phone call, I asked him how he has been so successful as an entrepreneur and keynote speaker, and what he does to prepare to consistently deliver phenomenal level 10 keynote presentations.  His answer was this:

“Treat every presentation and speech as if it were the Super Bowl.  Get yourself into a state where failure is not an option.  Make every presentation shine like it was the last one you will ever give.  Leave it all on the stage.”

To win in business, to win in life and to win as an entrepreneur, every interaction, every deal, every relationship you pour into must be treated like the Super Bowl. Set outcomes, not goals.  Super Bowls are not won because a team has a goal to win, rather they set a desired outcome and make it happen.  Play like it is the last game you will ever play!  To what degree are you playing and doing life, leadership and entreprenurship?

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