Welcome To Our New Website

Thank you very much for viewing my new website. Since 2008 I have had two different website designs and this release will be my third. There were quite a few reasons why I wanted to update my site and one of the biggest reasons was the design. My prior website wasn’t mobile friendly and being as thought 40% of my website’s traffic was coming from mobile devices, it was imperative to make sure that all of my visitors could easily view my new site. Also, I wanted my new site to be specific to the direction that I wanted to go with the future branding of Matt Shoup. My prior site was pretty jumbled with everything that I had my hands in and it didn’t have a singular focus.

This brings us to where we are today. This new MattShoup.com site is specifically geared towards my speaking and coaching services and I wanted it to be extremely streamlined in its presentation. I ended up having my website designed by Infule. Infule did a great job of talking me through the entire process of how everything should come together and interact with one another. I think that this website’s design perfectly matches my style of presentation and it looks incredible on all mobile devices.

Like my old website, this new design is built on the WordPress content management system. One of the things that I really like about WordPress is how user intuitive it is. It has a login area where I can go in and easily add content without having to know a programming language. Since my old website was using WordPress, I asked Infule if they could build my new website using it so that I didn’t have to learn something new. They were able to take my previous content and images and integrate it within this new site.

All in all, I think that the website turned out really well. As this is just the starting block for building my consulting business, please be sure to check back for what are planning to roll out next.

What do you think of our new design? Write your comments below.