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[divider scroll_text=””] [toggle_box] [toggle_item title=”Renee von Weiland-Vice President of Operations- Spirit Hospitality”]I just want to thank you for your presentation of “Read, Lead and Inspire Your People: Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior”. It was so very useful for our organization and it enables me, as the leader of our Operations team, to better understand the people that I am working with.When people see “Hospitality” in your company name, they assume that everyone is super outgoing, this is not always the case, we also hire: housekeepers, maintenance staff and we have our own accounting department.  Many of these employees want to stay behind the scenes.The exercise that we did as a company brought some “lightbulb” moments for us all, realizing why some of our employees are the way that they are and how they process learning and other  information given. This assessment would have been a great tool to have during the hiring process to see where our candidates would fit best and how we train and coach them through the orientation process.  Lesson Learned!  We will use the Assessment tool in the future!”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Vernon Brown-Vice President of Marketing and Communications- SDN Communications”]It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak… twice! In today’s “age of accelerations,” to borrow a phrase from Tom Friedman’s latest book, it’s rare for a speaker to capture one’s attention in any speech, let alone two speeches. I heard all-around good reviews of your stories, delivery, and lessons. My friend, the editor of the Sioux Falls Business Journal, is a smart phone addict. At the end of your presentation, she turned to me and said “I didn’t once have the urge to check my phone.” That is indeed the sign of an engaging story. Thank you for sharing your skills under SDN’s banner at SME”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Brian Hepp-President- Blackfox, LLC”]Not only has Matt figured out business, he has figured out how to uniquely inspire people at the core level.  Being an entrepreneur myself, I was intrigued by his workshop “Read, Lead and Inspire your People: Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior”. Matt presented his workshop to our leadership team and we were all impressed, inspired and well taught on how to use effective tools to recognize and leverage our teams unique styles and grow our company. I very much appreciated Matt and his workshop because it gave us tools to help us understand how to communicate with each other and function more soundly as a team.  I would highly recommend Matt based on his energy, teaching style, human approach and experience applying said theory he teaches with proven results”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Abner Ruiz-President- Top Choice Painters”]Matt has had a tremendous impact not only in howI view the business world, but also my family. He has taught me the value of self-worth and has helped me
have a much clearer vision of my purpose. My family and I are eternally grateful. Thank you Matt!”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Ryan Fensler-Owner- Touching Hearts at Home- South Denver Metro”]It is with great pleasure that I recommend Matt Shoup and his workshop/consulting services surrounding “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior. First, Matt really helped our small business by reviewing our data in person and helped our team understand more about the values and how each of us are wired in our office. As a small business I find the information to be extremely valuable with achieving our goals for next year and overall increasing our communication skills. Second, Matt’s passion and energy is unequivocally matched and will keep you engaged during the entire presentation. Finally, our team feels that this not only helps us professionally but also personally and to help us achieve success in other areas of our life”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Bart Palmer-Owner- Benjamin Franklin Plumbing/Mister Sparky Electric/Roberts Heating and Air/Titan Excavation/Measured Marketing”]I have been fortunate to work with Matt Shoup for almost a decade. I have watched his small painting business blossom into a regional power house. Take that knowledge and passion of entrepreneurship and strike out writing a book, giving a speaker series, and donating his time in mentoring others. His passion for what he does comes out through his pores. His sense of community and giving back is one of the refreshing and exciting things about Matt. He truly wants to make a difference in his community. On a more personal level in the last 12 month Matt and I did a personality profile. Finding how I tick and communicate has helped my business grow and improve our culture. I was impressed with his analysis and the time we have spent in discussion. I endorse Matt Shoup and hope my recommendation helps. God Bless”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Stephanie Huebner-Director of Operations-Dental One Partners”]I had the pleasure of recently meeting Matt. I was very interested in his leadership style and was curious about the behavioral assessment he offers. My overall goal was to more greatly impact my teams and drive success as a Director of Operations over 15 dental practices, through leadership and partnership with my group. After completing the assessments, I really began to understand multiple pieces of myself in a new way so I could re-evaluate current goals I had, and establish new goals based on my strengths and where I may have the biggest impact. Little did I know that this assessment would not only help me in my professional life but also in my personal life. Since taking the test, my husband and I have begun to communicate on a deeper lever which has also helped our communication with our kids. The momentum that started by meeting Matt and taking the assessments is exciting, and has yielded much success personally, professionally and for my family. I am excited to see where I can use this information to further impact in the future.”[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Mary Stein-Owner-Dream Big Day Camp”]In preparation to enter our summer camp session, I sought out a speaker/facilitator to train and teach my leadership team. I was preparing for a summer packed full of training the leaders that run the teams working directly with our camp children.  Matt spent an afternoon presenting his “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” workshop.  His energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  The way in which he helped me and my leadership team understand ourselves and our leadership styles was spot on.  We were all very impressed and walked away with actionable steps to be much better leaders.  I would highly recommend Matt to any companies and teams looking to grow, gain insight and lead better.”[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Wayne Wright-Vice President- Colorado Commercial Painting”]Thank you for your recent presentation “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” at our office. The general consensus is that the assessments were extremely accurate for everyone and it was a lot of fun for the group as a whole. As a manager of a variety of individuals with unique behavioral styles, I find the assessment a valuable asset on how to effectively communicate with each of these unique individuals that report to me daily. I particularly find the section on things to do and things to avoid with each team member extremely useful”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Heather Terenzio-CEO- Techtonic Group”]Matt, thank you for coming to our company to do your “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” workshop. We were all absolutely inspired by your ability to help us understand ourselves and how to work and grow together as a team. This was a huge value to the company”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Kate Martinez-Co-Owner- Infinite Jiu Jitsu Academy”]Recently I completed a DISC and Values survey with Matt Shoup and the insight I received in the debriefing was invaluable. Through it I gained a greater awareness of my strengths, weaknesses, and what drives me as an individual. This information was then easy to apply in improving not only my personal and professional relationships, but in increasing my effectiveness of the job. I would highly recommend this service for anyone seeking greater self understanding, improvement, and efficiency”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Teresa Lindberg-Chief Financial Officer- M2M Data Corporation”]The leadership team from M2M was invited to a Lunch and Learn (“Read, Lead, and Inspire your People: Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior”) sponsored by one of our Board members and presented by Matt.  Only two of the three of us were able to attend, and came back to the office raving about the material and discussion to the individual that missed out.  We all agreed this was something we needed to spread to our whole team, and asked Matt to present this workshop to our company a few weeks later.  Again, the time together was amazing, and all the team members found the tools intuitive, informative, and insightful.  We had so much fun discussing our teams’ and individuals’ communication, work, and leadership styles, and the mood was so light and humorous.  We joked with each other long after the session ended, and it resulted in some great bonding and understanding of one another.  We whole-heartedly recommend Matt to any team looking to work better together”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Brandi Broadley-Realtor- Coldwell Banker”]Matt is an outstanding motivational speaker and coach that I have had the opportunity and pleasure in getting to know and interact with. Teaching through personal experience and professional success, Matt utilizes various tools, including behavioral assessments to effectively educate people to achieve their own success by understanding themselves and others. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker and has the skills to capture the audiences’ attention and focus, while inspiring them to take steps towards reaching their own goals”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Matt Begler-Chief Sales and Marketing Officer- M2M Data Corporation”]I want to thank you for meeting with our company concerning your “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” workshop.The meeting was productive and provided helpful insight in to the dynamics of our employees and has helped in our efforts to provide training and job growth strategies for them”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Joshua Dapkus -Senior Marketing Director- Bayada Home Health Care”]Matt Shoup is a very insightful, professional and thorough teacher of DISC. He is patient but assertive in his guidance through what DISC profiles teach us about ourselves. In my experience Matt navigated me through many new discoveries about myself. Matt is a family man, a well established founder of a local booming business, and an exceptional visionary for personal growth. My wife, my business, and I have been honored to learn from his story and success. I would not only recommend Matt and his DISC training to individuals but to any small or large business that really want to know how to manage and grow their employee relationships. Matt is all about relationship building and helping individuals step into their growth potential. After receiving his detailed assessment by email and in person I have already watched how my approach has changed when I am meeting a new physician, patient, or family. I am very grateful for Matt and how he has helped me shift my marketing vision while diving deeper into a truly relational model”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”John Simmons -Founder C3 Real Estate Solutions”]Understanding personality types is essential in real estate as realtors have minutes to establish a relationship.  The workshop Matt presented was informative, interactive, and truly was of value to the ownership, management team and to each individual real estate agent.  Many of our agents have had their family members take the assessment and C3 is now using Matt’s profiles and assessment as a hiring tool for all positions within the firm. Matt Shoup comes highly recommended as a motivational speaker and as an instructor for “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior”.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Trevin Bensko-Wecks- General Manager – Lamar Advertising”]There are a very few people I have met in my life that when they speak, I know I’d better listen.  What they have to say is so important, so insightful, so meaningful that I dare not miss a word.  Matt is one of those people.  His experiences and outlook are inspiring, and his passion and enthusiasm are infectious.   He has the unique ability to break complex ideas and systems into simple and accessible concepts, and his passion for people is electrifying.  If you are someone who is continually looking for opportunities to learn, grow and be inspired, then I highly suggest seeking out an opportunity to hear Matt speak. His workshop “Read, Lead and Inspire Your People: Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” is absolutely phenomenal! It gave our team such valuable insights and tools into our behavior, interactions and leadership styles.  [/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Trent Scott- DC and Founder of Scott Family Health”] Matt’s workshop “Read, Lead, and Inspire Your People: Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” brought our companies interoffice communication to a new level.  Building trust and fostering new ways to communicate with one another has never been easier.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Bryan Vincent- Youth Pastor, Good Shepherd Church”] I was thrilled to see how much better our group understood each other after Matt’s “Fluency in the Language of Human Behavior” Workshop.  Weeks later, we are still talking about Matt’s insights into our own personalities and values.  Matt didn’t just give us test results.  He helped us to see who we are at the deepest level.  Since our time with Matt, we have become more effective in our mission, but more importantly, we are more empathetic in our relationships.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Everett Vaughan – Colorado DECA State Advisor”]Matt is a true success story.  He tells it like he experienced it.  Matt’s ability to connect with the students and advisors of Colorado DECA was obvious from the moment he stepped onto the stage.  If you want to hear it like it is from a person who has lived it, Matt is the go to guy.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Carl Gould – President – Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) New Jersey”]Matt, your presentation was awesome! I learned a lot of practical and actionable ideas about how to distinguish my business from my competition, and stand above. Thanks for the great stories and the great tips.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Sergio Montoro Ten – Previous Learning Chair – EO Madrid”]We picked Matt for a presentation because he has one of the most surprising success stories that we have heard. Many successful entrepreneurs build their business off of outside funding or a group of friends banding together, but Matt built an award winning company all by himself, with no partners, no outside money and far away from tech Meccas like the Bay Area. He talks about doing things right everyday with the ultimate purpose of caring after the ones around you: your family, your employees and your community. No tricks or shortcuts, just a humble, practical and inspiring learning event that we would repeat any time. I would recommend his talk to anyone![/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Cheryl Y. Biron – President – One Horn Transportation – EO New Jersey”]We invited Matt Shoup, a fellow EOer from Colorado, to speak at our regional conference in Atlantic City in September 2013.  Matt taught us about “How to Be an Award-Winning Company”.  He took us through the process that reaped high rewards for very little spend vs. traditional marketing.  Once our companies win awards, we can leverage them to build our business and our reputation.  Matt also took it a step further sharing some mishaps that he turned into referrals by honestly dealing with the customers’ needs and concerns.  An honest, genuine, and really fun guy, Matt was an excellent addition to our speaker lineup.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Rick Williamson – EO Philadelphia Chapter”]

Thanks for everything – you’re presentation was great.  Personally I thought it was the best of the programs presented!

Continued success to you and yours!

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Dave Sanderson – Nationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker”]Matt is an excellent presenter – very personable and impactful to the audience. His message to small  businesses and entrepreneurs is powerful and how he relates it  resonates.   It was truly a pleasure to meet and see him present.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Brian Hepp – Owner & CEO – Blackfox, LLC”]Being an entrepreneur is a rough but rewarding journey.  Few do it and few make it.  Matt Shoup is one of the few.  Although he isn’t a school teacher as he originally intended, he is a teacher.  He speaks with confidence and experience.  Those who pay attention will wisely pick up on his lessons.  They are simple and well organized, which takes brilliance.  Judging by the questions and dialogue of our executives, we will be applying his lessons for becoming an award-winning company and living our “be”.  [/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Tanya Alcaraz -DECA Colorado”]Matt, thank you for the great job you did presenting to our District 6 DECA Students! It is always a tough job to present to a room full of 400 high school students, so our choice of presenter was critical to the success of our conference. You did an excellent job of incorporating this year’s DECA campaign, Live, Learn, Lead into an engaging relevant presentation for our students. Feedback from students, teachers, and administrators was that this was the best presentation they have attended at our district competition.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Troy Stewart – The Curbing Edge”]I wanted to write a quick note to you thank you for your help in getting my new business set up and organized to be most successful. I have had so much great feedback just by the little insights you were able to offer me in my marketing materials.


I have known you for a long time and knew you have been very successful in business. Due to pride I never asked for your help or advice in previous businesses I have owned, but with this one, I swallowed my pride and asked for your advice. By doing so I had a good friend open up to me on pitfall and experiences that he has learned from, and by you doing this, I was able to set my company up correctly the first time and I already see it has saved me a lot of time, money, and learning the hard way.


Thank you for your help in getting The Curbing Edge started on the right path.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Nicholas Marsh”]I met Matt Shoup around this time last year, and have met with him regularly since. At first, when Matt and I met, I was considering changing careers to work for M & E Painting. At the time, I was working for another company a little further down south, and was largely growing tired of the daily commute. Matt and I often met over coffee on my way back north. Matt would tell me of the great successes that M & E was experiencing, and would listen to me as I explained some of my goals and desires.


I always left our meetings inspired, and more driven for personal success. That drive eventually turned in to a burning desire to “run my own show.” Matt understood this and offered to help me as I began taking the steps needed to get to where I wanted. My wife and I are opening our own design company this month, and Matt has been helping to guide us along the way.


Going in to business for yourself can be an intimidating venture, to say the least. I am confident that working with Matt (who’s proven track record speaks for itself) will be one of our greatest assets as my wife and I take on our new challenge. We know that Matt will make himself available to us, he will show up on time, and that we will always leave our meetings better than before we got there! We are very grateful to have such a strong support in Matt, and I will recommend Shoup Consulting to everyone I meet that is interested in working for themselves![/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Dave Sward – Owner – DPC Painting, LLC”]To Whom it May Concern:


My name is David Sward and I am writing this letter on behalf of Matthew Shoup. I have a very unique knowledge of Matt and his accomplishments as a business owner, student, father, husband, and friend. Matt and I each started in the painting industry 10 years ago and grew up together in and out of the business world. Since the beginning, he has always strived to be the best at whatever he endeavors, and always looks to continually advance himself in every aspect of his career and life. If you know anything about his achievements as a business owner, that mentality should be very apparent. I would guarantee that using Matt as a consultant would do nothing but forward your company and enable you to take whatever next step, or steps, there are in your specific industry. The advice that Matt gives as a consultant is not only sage because he himself is an innovative business man who built the biggest painting company in northern Colorado in a five year span, but because he also hires some of the best consultants in the nation to help him. The good part for you, the business owner, is that he only charges a fraction of what they charge and is able to eclectically combine their great advice.


I have personally used Matt as a consultant and mentor throughout my career. He has always had a magnet for talent and never settles for any workers who do not share his vision as a man or business owner.


I personally graduated magna cum laude from Regis University with a degree in business administration and speak three languages. And I very happily work as a crew chief for Matt. It is not because I couldn’t get another great job in a different industry, but rather is because of the atmosphere and work environment that Matt has been able to create through his business. I feel honored to be apart of it and will continue working for him as long as I am able. He brings an incredible combination of honesty, determination, and innovation that cannot be found in 99.9 percent of the population. It is with that that I give Matt Shoup my full recommendation to any serious business owner out there who is looking to move past merely “staying busy” and taking the next step as a leader in their industry.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Justin and Sarah King – Royal Turf Irrigation”]We recently attended your March Top Ten Seminar as well as have been working with you one on one over the past months. Your teachings about vision have totally changed our company and how we work our daily business. Personally, Royal Turf will never be the same again, which is great! You have very much inspired us and our company, not with just your knowledge about business, but your heart shines through in what you do. After working with you, we feel so much better about our business and how to grow the right way. We feel working with you was the investment of a lifetime for new entrepreneurs. Just the topic alone of knowing and reviewing the vital statistics of our business will quadruple our investment made with you.[/toggle_item] [/toggle_box]