Run Towards the Crazy!

When business is going well, sales are happening and success is coming your way, it is easy to be energized and continue to use that momentum to keep winning. Think of it as the moment that the snowball crests over the top of the hill and starts rolling down. Once this momentum occurs, things keep happening and your entire team can pick up on this momentum and roll with you.

What about when this is not happening? What about the time when there is a firestorm of problems and craziness that happens in business? During times of struggle, insanity and crazy, it can be easy to hide, be scared and not face whatever it is that needs to be faced. I am not 100% sure where I saw this quote, but a few weeks ago an entrepreneur was talking about “running towards the crazy”. The idea is when things are so crazy, upside down, tangled up, etc. that you walk right into the storm. You dive in head first with your entire team, organization and circle of people who support you. When you face the crazy head on and come out of it, you, your team and your company will all see what you are made of.

Our office caught on fire in September of 2011 and this was by far one of the craziest times in my life. My wife woke me up at 4:00am after receiving a call from the fire department! I had a speaking engagement that morning which I went and completed, and then walked right into the insanity which was the aftermath of the fire. The office had flooded from the sprinklers going off, phone and internet was down, smoke and soot filled the office and we were officially not able to conduct any business. The entire team and I jumped right in and handled the situation, made sense of the chaos and got business back up and running over the coming days.

Business and entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of ups and downs, fast speeds, tight turns and crazy! I encourage all of you to run towards the crazy when it happens. You will be amazed and inspired when you come out on the other side.