Remember the Big Picture

The day to day running of a business and being an entrepreneur can be downright exhausting, frustrating and insane. Do you ever feel like you are putting out fires all day? Do issues and problems come at you in large waves, and at times leave you feeling helpless and paralyzed? I know that in my business these things happen.

I was recently discussing an issue relating to what I just mentioned with a team member of mine at M & E Painting. It was a Monday morning and it seemed like the issues kept coming from the left, right, and every other way they could. We found ourselves so tied up and immersed in these issues that for a minute we forgot the big picture.

As we were both talking, we decided to take a minute and step back to see the big picture of what we had accomplished so far in the year. Our industry is having new and frustrating issues arise that in 15 years of being the in business, I have never seen or dealt with before. This year has thrown us a curve ball we are still figuring out how to hit. As we stepped back and reviewed, we realized that even with the frustrations we were right on track with our goals and projections for the year.

When you are in the middle of a fire that is consuming you and it seems as if there is no way out, jump up and take a 30,000 foot view. Remember the big picture. Ask if this issue will even be an issue in 2 days or two weeks. I am not saying to ignore or downplay any potential problems your business may have. Rather, step out of and away from the problem to remember the bigger vision, goals and aspirations of the company.

This perspective can be refreshing, and get you re-centered and grounded back into your business.