Painted Baby Book Launch

Sponsorship Opportunity

Thank you so much for your continued support of me, my company, and my passion to inspire leadership in entrepreneurs.  I am honored you are considering sponsoring the Painted Baby book launch.  Painted Baby is set to launch in late 2022/early 2023.  The exact date is still to be determined.  My goal is to get this book in as many hands as possible and this is where I am asking for your support and sponsorship. Sponsorship packages are comprised of two parts.

 Part one is an initial investment of $2,500. Part two includes the purchase of a book package (detailed below).

Read below to discover all that comes with partnering with me to launch Painted Baby! 

Part One. For Your $2,500 Investment, You Will Receive

Book Packages Below

Below are the details of the 3 different book packages available and what comes along with them.

Book Package 1
Book Package 2
Book Package 3