Matt’s Leadership Library


Over my lifetime, I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and money. I know I still have much to learn, and because of that, I am always reading.  Many of my coaching clients, entrepreneurs and leaders I know ask me, “what are some good books to read?”

Here are the top picks I always share.  These books sit today in my leadership library, and are a fundamental training tool/resource reading for all and M & E Painting team members.

I am always updating my library as well as this page.  If you are an author, or know of any author’s books that should be in my library,  please reach out to me to let me know about it.

Many authors have offered to send me FREE signed copies so that I may share one with you!

**Full Disclosure: I receive no royalties, kickbacks, or compensation for any of these books donated to my library (except for Become an Award Winning Company).**