I was recently doing some reflecting on my leadership journey throughout the years. I am so thankful for the many leaders I have met along the way who have taught me so much. Leadership is a journey that never stops. You are always developing, always growing, always learning and always failing.

This week, I would love to share some of the lessons I have learned over the years.

  • Leaders fail, and fail often. They take many risks, step into the unknown, and learn from their shortcomings.
  • Leaders ask for help. They understand the responsibility of the decisions they must make and the things they must work towards. However, they understand they cannot bear this burden alone.
  • Leaders bring out the best in others, and are ultimately concerned with making other’s lives better. Leaders pour into people, and make a conscious investment in their development.
  • Leaders share their Painted Baby story. This means, they share their mistakes, shortcoming and failures. Leaders do not try to paint a picture of perfection, as they know this prevents true connection.
  • Leaders go first. When a tough decision must be made, and someone must step up to make it, a leader does so. They are the spear that drives through the challenge, obstacle and tough decision that must be made. They are also okay to deal with the outcomes and consequences that come with that decision.
  • Leaders create environments of love, care and understanding, making it easy for others to give and receive feedback, especially critical communication.
  • A leader is not afraid to jump into the trenches with his or her team to get something done. They lead by example and take action when and where it’s needed.
  • Leaders understand their strengths and lean into them. They build a team of others around them to fill in the gaps where a leader does not excel.
  • Leaders stand behind their team, no matter what. As people journey through life together, a leader will get to experience many key events in the lives of their team members. Sometimes these events can bring challenge, difficulty and let down. A leader is there for their team through all this.

As you journey through your own leadership, I challenge and encourage you to keep driving forward and improving every day.

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Remember 3 things:

I love you.

I believe in you.

You’ve got this.

Now, go get it!