How to Ensure Your Goals Don’t Fail

Have you ever set a goal or new year’s resolution, came running out of the gate on January 1st, only to find that by January 20th that resolution or goal was long forgotten, will not be reached, or just not a priority? Have you ever set a business, personal, life or family goal and half way through the year, you look up to realize it never happened, will not happen and you don’t even know why?

I love setting goals. I can not function without goals, and I see the importance of having clearly defined goals in my business. I have set and hit many goals, and felt a huge sense of satisfaction. I have also set a number of goals and have seen them not come to fruition. In this blog, I will share a concept called the SMART goal. For those of you who have heard of SMART goals, this will be a refresher. This concept and acronym allows you to clearly define, specifically state, put a time stamp to, measure, and complete a realistic goal. However, there is still one piece missing from being able to achieve a set SMART goal, and that piece is not in the word SMART.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Lets use the example of weight loss, since it seems the whole city of Loveland has set a New Years goal to lose weight. These goals are keeping the treadmills and weight machines packed right now at Gold’s Gym.

I heard somebody say the other day, “I want to lose some weight this year.” That is a great idea and wish. That is an excellent and healthy thought. How much weight? By when? Are you able to lose the weight? Is it realistic? Lets set that as a SMART goal.

I am now 220lbs. and 22% body fat. I will lose 20 lbs. and drop my body fat by 5% by July 31, 2014. Notice the difference? That statement is specific, it is measurable (20lbs, and 5% body fat), its attainable and realistic (20 lbs and 5% body fat dropping in 7 months is 3 lbs. and less that 1% BF drop per month), and July 31 is the time stamp.

If this SMART goal thing is so smart, then why do I still not hit my goals? Why will the gym be empty in three to four more weeks? Why do I lose steam?

The reason behind not accomplishing or loing interest in a goal is that I was never serious about it in the first place. I didn’t want to succeed as bad as I wanted to breathe (As Eric Thomas says. I will post a really inspirational video link below from him). I was not really so motivated by that goal that I would fight, work, kick and scream to see it happen. There were other things in life just more important than that goal that distracted me. The goal was hard work and I was not willing to do it.

The technical aspects of the SMART goal are excellent. However, if you do not have a deep rooted desire, a permanent passion, and fire in your belly to see this thing through no matter what, then you will be on of the people who hop off the treadmill. It may take longer than 3 weeks, it may be 3 months, maybe 6 months.

What is the why and desire behind your goals. Do you want them as bad as you want to breathe. Are you willing to sacrifice, work, fail and come back, fail and come back, fail and come back, or is your SMART just some words on paper. Does your goal tie back to you leaving an intentional impact and legacy here on this planet? Is it your goal or somebody else’s?

Start 2014 off, and more importantly finish it off on December 31, with the kind of passion, desire and will to succeed as much as you want to breathe.

For those of you who have never seen Eric Thomas’ video about this concept “Succceed Like You Want to Breathe,” it is a must watch. If this does not light a fire in your belly about something, I am not sure what will. I shared this yesterday on social media, and here is it again below.