How I Found My Purpose

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How I Found My Purpose

We get one shot to live life and live it well. Finding purpose and significance is a journey we all take as humans. When I found mine, it completely changed the trajectory of my life. Finding my purpose was no easy task; it was and still continues to be a journey. Things have been revealed to me that I know I must lean into, and some things are still being revealed.

Many people have asked me how I found my purpose. Here are a few thoughts to consider as I encourage you to take your own journey towards purpose.

  • If you were given a billion dollars tomorrow, what would you eliminate from your life?
  • What fills you with so much joy and happiness that you would do it all day for free?
  • What are your talents and unique wirings?
  • What story do you want to leave behind? What impact do you want to leave for this world?
  • What value do you being to the world that only you bring?
  • What part of your story and life makes other’s stories and lives better?

These questions are just a starting point in your journey towards purpose.  The question now is this: are you ready to take the next steps of the journey?

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