Forget About Success for a Minute

The message I am about to share has been on my heart a lot recently I normally share tips and feedback on how to be successful in business, but this is something different. Don’t get me wrong, I want you all to be successful, but there is one big thing that is missing when we only focus on success, which is impact.

There is an important difference between success and impact. Over the years, I have been very successful. I share this not to brag or boast but rather to share that in my successes; I gave myself most of the credit. I worked for me, to support my family and to secure our future. I knew what it would take to be successful and worked long and hard to make sure this was accomplished. When I accomplished this success I was still left feeling unfulfilled. With all of this success, why was it lonely at the top of this mountain I just worked so hard to scale?

It was lonely at the top because I had not focused on elevating people with me. I didn’t bring anybody to the top with me to celebrate; I left them in the dust. Why I was successful but having trouble leading and getting others to follow? As I was focused solely on my personal success, I was not focused on the success of others at the same time. Impact, to me, is defined as having a significant imprint that you leave on another person’s life. Impact means that you touch somebody and serve them at the heart level. Impact means that you bypass your own needs and focus on the needs of others first. Impact is contagious and inspires others to follow you and aspire to be better. When others know that you 100% honestly and truly care about them, this creates magic in business and life.

As you go out into business today, think about the focus and intended outcome of all your actions. Are you acting out of the desire to be successful, or the desire to be impactful? It is easy to be successful; it is easy to focus on you and what you can do to make things happen. To put your own needs down and focus on those of others is difficult, but this is the only way to leave an intentional impact.

Next week I will share a little more about what happened to me when I decided to be impactful instead of successful.

P.S. Here is a link to a blog I wrote for Overdrive that shares more about my decision to be impactful and leave an intentional legacy. Read the post here: Leave Your Legacy