Do Your Be: Six Steps to Intentional Impact

I recently wrote a blog about being impactful and using the one shot you get in life to leave a meaningful legacy for your family, business, community and those around you that you care about. If you have not read “Forget About Success for a Minute” check it out! Impact transcends success. You can be successful and not impactful, but if you are impactful you are always successful.

One thing that strikes me as interesting is that to be impactful, live and pursue your passion and purpose, you first must have a 100% clear understanding and declaration of who you are. You must DEFINE yourself. Culture and the common everyday conversation with peers, co-workers and those close to you never challenges a person to define themselves and declare it to the world. It is a difficult task to accomplish, and since nobody is ever asked, nobody ever explores this most important step in making an impact.

As I coach and consult entrepreneurs about growing their company, their sales, marketing, and social media base, hiring employees, strategic development, and all other business growth related topics, I find a common theme of many of my coaching clients have never been forced or asked to define themselves. This is the first and most important part of my Circle of Impact Coaching Program.

After defining yourself you must also declare what you will stand for, fight for, work for and even die for. These things that build up your VALUE set combined with you DEFINING yourself, must feed into a VISION for your life. A vision is the story of your life that you have the power to write and create, then go live.

In order to live out this vision, you must act. You can not just sit there and declare who you are, what you stand for, and what vision that creates in your life. It is boots on the ground time. There must be a HOW, a game plan, a road map, with crystal clear directions, landmarks and achievements along the way to tell you that you are on track. One more thing: This journey can not be taken alone. When you load your vehicle of purpose and jump onto the highway of being impactful, take passengers along with you that support and encourage you, your vision, what you stand for, and will ultimately hold you accountable to staying on track and accomplish your vision.

Check out “What Happens when you Decide to be Impactful” from a few weeks ago. You will definitely want to surround yourself with people that support what you are doing, as some people may all of a sudden “not be supportive of your crazy vision”.

The last and most important thing once you align with the right people and load them into your vehicle is that you spend every single minute of every single day effectively and efficiently using your TIME (something you will never get back). The WHAT part of the Circle of Impact is the last and crucial part of the impact equation. You can have everything else in place, but without action, doing, filling your calendar with the effective things that must be done, and then doing them.

When everything you do, supports and aligns with everything you are, you value, and you vision for your life and the lives of those around you, that is when you are impactful to the maximum degree. Is everything you are doing right now, 100% supporting, aligning with, and relating to all that you are, what you stand for, and vision for your life? If not, why are you doing it? Are you 100% clear with absolute certainty who you are? Do you know what you will stand for, work for, live for and die for? Can you state it at the drop of the hat with 100% confidence, power, and positive energy? If you die tomorrow, can you confidently say that you have left behind an impactful legacy and a story that you truly wrote, crafted, and lived? If you have answered “no” to any of these questions, let me share that I answered “no” to these questions for a long time. That is why I created the Circle of Impact and now coach and speak on this topic to entrepreneurs all over the world.

Tune in over the next six weeks to learn a little more about each one of the important pieces of the Circle of Impact concept. Looking forward to you tuning in. Please leave me your comments, feedback, and let me know how I can support and serve you better.

PS. Be on the look out for the Circle of Impact Workbook coming soon!