The Café con Leche with Matt Podcast is launching May 30th, 2016…..


“Inspiration, Ignition and Practical Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, with a little Spanish Flavor”

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Below are a few of my amazing guests. Tune in as they inspire and encourage you with their ‘why’ while they teaching you ‘how’ they did it.

  • Why a geeky UFC fan built a professional network of some of the world’s most successful and inspiring millionaires, whose members have an estimated combined net worth well into the billions, and how she launched a global podcast phenomenon.
  • Why a high level corporate sales executive who survived a plane crash and saved lives, then decided to leave his corporate job, and how he now pursues his passion of international public speaking, inspiring millions.
  • Why a successful entrepreneur allowed two multi-million dollar businesses to fail and how he decided to rebuild from the ground up to now be leading and dominating a national niche serving entrepreneurs.
  • Why a four time felon, convicted of homicide, turned his life from prison into prosperity, and how he decided to become an Executive Leader in a nationally recognized company, author and public speaker in order to share his story with others.

Keep an eye out for more guest like the ones above

Mark your calendar to join me Monday morning, May 30th, 2016, for a Café con Leche and the first episode, official launch of the Café con Leche with Matt Podcast.  

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