Imagine, after this 45-minute presentation you could be ready to:

  • Stop wasting money on traditional advertising.
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  • Become a sought-after entrepreneur, company, and expert in your field.
  • Quit chasing customers and have them coming to you instead.
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  • Recruit and maintain a long-lasting, loyal, and dedicated group of team members.
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Imagine achieving all of this by following a simple 7-step plan that takes only 15 minutes per day and can be duplicated by anyone.

Imagine hearing how some of the country’s most well-respected entrepreneurs and brands have used these techniques to achieve success. Imagine having at your disposal a book and workbook to walk you through each step of making this process a reality in your business.

Imagine no more because award-winning entrepreneur Matt Shoup will makes these things your reality with his presentation and book Become an Award-Winning Company. In just a few short years, Matt built his company, M&E Painting, from $100 in the bank and six figures in debt into a multimillion dollar brand and award-winning household name in Northern Colorado. Learn from Matt the 7 Simple Steps to Unlock the Million Dollar Secret Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.

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