9 Tips on How to Motivate Team Members

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9 Tips on How to Motivate Team Members

The team of people with which you build your company will be the lifeblood of your organization. Every human being has great potential within them waiting to be unleashed. Imagine them doing so while they are a part of your company. What would if look like if every team member you had was sparked with that moment of inspiration during his or her time with your organization?

Here are 9 tips to motivate your team members to become phenomenal leaders within your organization:

1. Stop calling them employees- Dave Ramsey once said, “Employees come to work late, leave early, and steal from you while they are there.” Companies that have thrived have built teams of people working together around a common goal. Start looking at your ‘employees’ as team members rather than subordinates that work for you. I hate the word ‘employee’ and never use it (other than for the blog title).

2. Speak their language. I mention this tip repeatedly in other blogs and with coaching clients. We are all wired to behave differently. I call this the language of human behavior. Some people are introverts, some are extroverts; some are initiators and some are finishers. Some are assertive and while others are more passive. To the degree you can understand your team member’s behavioral language and then speak to that, you will have high chances of success and connection with them. Here is a FREE assessment you and your team members can take to determine your behavioral languages.

3. What is the one big goal that, if you could help them accomplish, would completely change their life in a phenomenal way? I started doing this with my team a few years ago and the results have been astonishing. Conversations, motivations and their drive in business and the company all stem from this one goal. By helping them and giving them resources to connect to and accomplish this big personal goal, they become more inspired and driven in the work environment.

4. Share in the profits. Something I implemented early on in my business was profit sharing. When a team of people comes together to help you and your company make a profit, sharing in it is one of the ultimate rewards. Sharing and being generous with your team will show that you care about them more than the money they make you. Because of that, they will continue to make your more money. Profit sharing does not always have to be monetary either. Think about taking a company trip or retreat, having a big celebration, or purchasing your team member something they have always had on their bucket list.

5. Have them be part of a bigger purpose- People do not work for a company because of the job description, they do so to be part of a bigger purpose. When you can align your purpose and direction with that of your team members, you will gain high levels of loyalty.

6. Show it don’t say it. It is one thing to tell a team member, “I appreciate you”, and it is another to do it. Make sure that you share your appreciation in words as well as in deeds. Also understand how your team members receive appreciation, as this differs from person to person.

7. Have their back inside and outside the office. When your team knows that you are more than a boss, that you have their back in relation to their goals and their life, they will have your back as well.

8. Help them build and create a vision- many great business leaders have discussed the importance of vision. Entrepreneurs and CEOs are creating and executing on their visions now more so than ever before. Now, flow that vision down through your organization. Help your team members cast a vision and help them see what life clearly looks like 3-4 years down the road. Then tie their vision for their life into your vision for your life and the life of your company. When there is alignment and congruency, greatness will follow.

9. “I never feel like I am coming to work”- over the years I have implemented these strategies and concepts and the repeated sentence I hear from my team is that they, “I never feel like I’m coming to work.” When you start to hear your team members say this, you know you are doing something right!

So what are your thoughts? I would love for you to post your comments and feedback below. Have you implemented any of these strategies? If so, what has worked? What else are you doing in addition to this?

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