Goofy Troublemaking ADD Kid

August 28, 1986

A class clown and troublemaker growing up, Matt was constantly told to sit down and shut-up, never fitting into the mold of the school system. His 1st grade teacher (Mrs. Gerry) once told him she would pay him money to stop talking. Some recommended (and still do) he be medicated for his “ADD”.

Something Borrowed

June 6, 1990

Borrowed his parent’s lawnmower at the age of 9 to start his first entrepreneurial venture. Made $500 in a summer!

Got Expelled?

March 13, 1991

Almost got expelled from middle school for peddling little brown bags of candy from his locker.

Study Abroad

September 1, 2002

Spent a semester in Alcala de Henares, Spain, in 2002, while a junior at Colorado State University (CSU).

Combat Training?!?

March 5, 2003

Studied and trained Krav Maga (Israeli Hand to Hand Combat) from 2003-2007.


June 10, 2004

Married his hottie college sweetheart, Emily, in 2004.

Fired From Bank

April 6, 2005

Was fired from a local bank where I was a mortgage loan officer (I hated wearing ties, and really hated the nickname Mortgage Matty). Two hours later, I founded M & E Painting with the last $100 he had to my name (did I mention I was $170,000 in debt)

Multi-Million Dollar Company

March 1, 2006

M & E Painting grew fast, really fast. In a few short years it became a multimillion-dollar company, and Matt joined Entrepreneur’s Organization.


May 3, 2006

Painted someone’s house without asking first. That someone was pissed!!!

I’m a cook!

May 6, 2006

Learned to cook Spanish paella like a boss! No you can not have the recipe.

Painted Baby

July 10, 2006

Painted a customer’s baby (also without asking first). Don’t worry, the baby is okay! Make sure to ask Matt about this one when he speaks to your group or organization.

Beat up by a 15 year old. I cried!

September 18, 2007

Beat up by a 15 year old. I cried!

Took his first Jiu Jitsu class in 2007, where a 15-year-old kid half Matt’s size made him cry uncle like a baby. Matt was hooked, and now holds his purple belt under Royce Gracie.

Let the tournaments begin

January 1, 2008

Has competed in 8 Jiu Jitsu tournaments since 2008. Plans to compete 8 times in 2015. Watch some of Matt’s competitions here.

First Speaking Gig

July 16, 2008

Was asked to speak for the first time in 2008.

Business Awards

August 5, 2009

Matt and M & E Painting won dozens of business awards from 2009 to 2012 (view the full list here), and Matt wrote a book to show other entrepreneurs how to do the same in 2011: “Become an Award Winning Company”

I Got Paid!

May 14, 2010

Was first paid to speak in 2010 (take that Mrs. Gerry!).


May 14, 2010

In 2010, Matt and his long time friend Dave got really frustrated at how bad spray cans of knockdown drywall texture worked He and Dave invented, designed, manufactured, patented and are now selling The Pirate Patch Drywall Texture Repair Tool nationwide on as well as Sherwin Williams and Ace Hardware.  Check out The Pirate Patch Demo Video here.


July 14, 2011

Matt has been featured as a thought leader on BBC, Entrepreneur, INC, Fox Business Center, US News and World Report, NBC News, Huffington Post.  Check out all the articles he has been featured in here.


December 14, 2011

Can eat a whole box of chocolate covered cherries in one sitting.


August 14, 2012

Matt loved CSU and his Spain Study Abroad experience so much, he founded The Matthew P. Shoup Spain Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship to assist students passionate about studying in Spain.

Gold Award

September 15, 2013

CSU called Matt the coolest alumni of the last decade in 2012, and gave him a Gold Award. Watch him joke with the President of CSU in his acceptance speech.  Check it out here.

Buy Matt This Song in iTunes

December 16, 2014

If Matt’s daughter plays him the the song, “Let it Go” one more time, he may go crazy. Buy it here in 25 Languages!


December 31, 2015

The Café con Leche with Matt Podcast launches May 30th, 2016  The countdown is on.

January 1, 2016

Decided to take my hobby of speaking, coaching and writing full time.  I am now working full time on building another multimillion dollar brand.

The Café con Leche with Matt Podcast

May 30, 2016

The Café con Leche with Matt Podcast

The Café con Leche with Matt Podcast goes live