Share Your Painted Baby Story: Turn Your Business Blow Ups and Nightmares into Explosive Growth.

Entrepreneurial story telling is a powerful tool, that when perfected, produces inspiration and action in others. When done incorrectly, it damages and destroys an entrepreneur’s brand. As entrepreneurs we tell stories in everything from marketing to sales, recruiting to leadership.

The problem is most of us have been conditioned to tell our stories poorly. Once bad story telling is learned, it permeates through every part of a company and becomes ingrained in it’s brand and culture.

All entrepreneurs have a very powerful story, but unfortunately it is a story most will never tell. It is too scary, too embarrassing, and too real. If they decided to tell it, most would never know how.  Once this story is captured, crafted and communicated in the right way, it will produce explosive business growth and massive public confidence in your brand.

I know because I share my story everyday. I shared it so wrong for so long, but once I learned how and why to share this story, my company exploded with growth.

Keynote Presentation Points and Take Aways:

  • Learn what is fundamentally wrong and broken in entrepreneurial story telling.
  • Understand how and why people follow, buy from, work for, and trust a brand.
  • Discover your story telling secret weapon.
  • Work through capturing, crafting and communicating your company’s most powerful story.
  • Teach others in your organization to share your company’s most powerful story as well as their own.

Warning: This keynote contains stories that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, be scared, angry and happy all at the same time.  You cannot miss my story!