Leadership Jiu Jitsu

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams

Leadership Jiu Jitsu TrainingBusiness Defined

Business at its core is a group of people coming together to serve other people. In business, we come together daily under a common goal, vision, direction and desired outcome. Typically, the success of an organization is measured in results like sales, profitability and top line growth.

However, business is and can be so much more!

The business environment opens up the chance not only to serve others, but to significantly improve the quality of their life. In order for this to happen, a business must focus on more than just business. 

It must have a fundamental focus on the  leadership development of all individuals within the company.

Matt Shoup

"Too many small business owners are busy trying to make money while missing the true purpose of why their company exists and how it can impact others. "

Matt Shoup

Leadership is simply the daily mission and journey to make yourself better, understand how you made yourself better, and then teach and pass these lessons to others to make their lives better.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners face a massive problem. As simple as leadership seems on paper, they do not focus on it for two main reasons.

  • First, a leader of an organization gets bogged down in the weeds focusing on the urgent and not the important.
  • Second, the first attempt at leadership reveals the fact that it involves humans.  Human behavior, motivation, and overall interaction is complex and difficult to understand.

Common Business Errors

When small business owners do not focus on leadership development in their own lives as well as that of others, their businesses stagnate or shrink, they become the overworked, underpaid and overstressed bottle neck.

More importantly, they miss the mark in making the most out of their lives and the lives of the team members they serve. A company that does not focus on leadership may grow and thrive in the short term, but will not sustain the test of time, the shifting of markets, or the uncertain grounds that the business environment holds. 

The permanent success, growth and sustainability of a business or organization is directly related to its leadership. Leadership matters not only from an organization’s founder and CEO, but also the leadership of all people involved in driving the company forward. I have seen too many small business owners burn out, give up, and literally drop dead from their business killing them.

Validate If Your Business Has A Problem

There is a better way; there is a solution to these problems.  Before we look at it, ask yourself these questions…

  1. Could you step away from your company and take a 4-6 week vacation while your company runs smoothly without you?
  2. Can you state why your company exists in one sentence? Does everything your company focuses on align with this purpose?
  3. Do you have a team of loyal, unified, inspired, dedicated, 100% trustworthy, purpose driven team members that give their absolute all to you and your company daily?
  4. Do you know the life purpose of each one of your team members, and have a plan designed to help them attain and achieve this life purpose?
  5. Does your company operate so smoothly that it seems team members almost have ESP between each other?
  6. Do you invest in the development of your team members with absolute passion and dedication?
  7. Do you have a budgeted line item on your P & L for the development of your team members?
  8. If your team member was offered a higher paying position at another company where the grass seemed greener, are you certain they would turn it down because you know you have the greenest grass in town?

If you have not answered with a resounding, confident, absolute “YES!” to the above questions, or you to some degree stated “NO!”, Leadership Jiu Jitsu may be for you.

Here are a few more questions to consider…

  • Are you overstressed, overworked and feel like you are drowning daily within your business?
  • Are you the main bottleneck in your company for any and every decision?
  • Do you have a revolving door of employees whom you fear are looking for the next JOB that will pay them a little more, and that they may abandon you at any moment?
  • Do you have the same old BS and boring fake mission statement on your office wall that all of your competitors and other companies have?
  • Do you feel disconnected and distant from your employees? Do you feel your employees are distant and disengaged from not only you but your company in general? Do you feel lost and frustrated in how to connect and engage with them?
  • Do you feel that your company is stagnating, shrinking, declining, and may have lost its way? Do you feel your company needs a reboot, restart, and fresh set of perspective to get it back on track?

If you answered even a small “yes” to any of the above questions, Leadership Jiu Jitsu may be for you.

Before you explore Leadership Jiu Jitsu, let me shoot straight with you.  This is not a quick fix, easy out, or BS online “get rich quick product” I am trying to sell.  This program is the compilation of my entrepreneurial life’s work. Every part of this program I have lived, experienced, applied, learned from real world, in the trenches business experience.  As much as I know this program has and will help many small business owners, I am still learning as I go.  This program is constantly improving, evolving, and growing to share more and more of the lessons and content that I apply in my everyday leadership and business life.

What is Leadership Jiu Jitsu?

Leadership Jiu Jitsu (LJJ for short) is a program I created to share with other small business owners. LJJ explored the gentle art of leadership by exploring the fundamental building blocks and principals of leadership.  Throughout the content in this program, I share very personal and impactful lessons learned over the past two decades of leading others, and many times failing miserably at it.  Leadership Jiu Jitsu will teach you the exact framework and concepts that have allowed me to start, develop, grow and scale multiple successful, very profitable, purpose driven companies. LJJ answers one my favorite and most frequently asked questions I receive:

“How do you have so many successful companies, and how do you manage them all?”

The answer is simple.  I hire amazing people and focus all of my energy on making their lives better. I pour into people.  Leadership Jiu Jitsu shows you how to do just that.

How LJJ Works

Leadership Jiu Jitsu can be custom tailored to your company, its needs and its budget. 

Many companies and individuals have engaged with me by attending my half-day “Introduction to Leadership Workshop” with their team. This workshop gives attendees an overview of the fundamental components of leadership and how to apply them to their life and business.  Think of this workshop as a 30,000 foot flyover view of leadership, or a leadership 101 type of environment. These workshops are typically taught at our company headquarters in Loveland, Colorado, but I also travel to teach these workshops.

Some of the many companies who attend my “Introduction to Leadership Workshop”choose to follow up and engage with me on a more frequent basis by hiring me for “Leadership Jiu Jitsu Private Coaching”.This type of coaching can be performed in a one-on-one as well as a one-on-team setting.

A very limited and very select number of the individuals who have attended both my workshop and have worked with me in the private coaching environment may be invited to the “Leadership Jiu Jitsu Journey of a Lifetime Event” . One time per year I take a small group of LJJ alumni, who are obsessed with making their lives and the live of others around them better, to one of my favorite places in the world…Spain! Spain is a magical place which has always allowed me to re center, refocus, and reengage with what it important in life.  This is a very intimate, very limited and very selective trip.  The small number of spaces are reserved only for those who I know it will impact the most.  Our next trip is during the summer of 2020, and the itinerary is currently being planned.

However you or your company may explore engaging with me, LJJ will teach, empower, refocus and realign you, your life, your company and the lives of its people for purpose, passion and success you’ve never imagined possible.