Why Leadership Matters and Why Entrepreneurs Must Do It

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Why Leadership Matters and Why Entrepreneurs Must Do It

Leadership matters. Entrepreneurs live in a day and age of business happening at the speed of light. As we run and grow our companies, we can tend to forget one of the most crucial and important elements that allow it to do so. This crucial component is leadership.

Leadership has the ability to become a buzz word, thrown around with other buzzwords like integrity, customer service and value. Leadership means nothing if it is not actually happening in your organization. Here are a few points to consider when it comes to doing leadership, and not just saying it.

  • People matter.  A business does not grow unless the people in it grow as well.  When an entrepreneur learns how to inspire, connect with, get to know, and grow their team members at the heart level, this fosters an environment for leadership. How well do you know your people?
  • Purpose matters.  As an entrepreneur discovers what makes their people tick, one key element is helping that person define and declare their purpose.  There is a saying that you have two birthdays: the day you are born, and the day you discover your purpose. Do you know your team member’s purpose?  Do you know yours?
  • Trust and time matter.  When it comes to fostering an environment of leadership, there must be a mutual level of trust between team members.  This does not happen overnight; it takes some time.  What are the levels of trust in your organization?  Have you spent the proper time to get those levels to desirable?
  • Transparency matters. Entrepreneurs and companies with an open door, open books, and 100% transparent policy always seem to win.  When there is nothing to hide and everything to share, trust naturally occurs.  An environment of full transparency shortens the time it takes for trust to be built. How transparent are you and your organization?

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