Why Entrepreneurs Need Adversity

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Adversity

As entrepreneurs, we wake up every day and face the challenge of growing our company and driving forward. As we do this, unexpected issues arise and road blocks present themselves in front of us. As much as we do not like them, these roadblocks, which I call adversity, are necessary for entrepreneurs and for anyone looking to drive forward and grow in life, business and leadership.

Right on the other side of adversity is where we see what we are made of as entrepreneurs. Right on the other side of adversity is where the magic happens. As humans, we tend to live within the boundaries of our comfort zone. Inside this comfort zone, we know what to expect, how things generally happen, and we feel good and comfortable in our abilities to produce a desired outcome.

The other side of this comfort zone is scary, outcomes are unknown and fear exists. Many people will never step to this side to experience, manage and conquer this fear. Adversity presents itself in our lives so we can be placed in an areas where we must be resourceful, creative and fight and face fear head on.

When we conquer that fear, our comfort zone is now expanded. We now know that we have managed and produced an outcome while working in that newly lived in area of our lives. Adversity is a must, it is a necessary experience. It never happens when we plan.

During my journey, I have learned the most about myself from experiencing massive adversity.  I encourage you to lean into it, appreciate it, and learn from it.

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