What Is Preventing Your Leadership Growth?

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What Is Preventing Your Leadership Growth?

How many times in your life, leadership, business, or relationships have you been on the verge of breakthrough? You stand at the edge ready to take a massive leap into greatness. You vividly envision your life, your business, your relationships at their peak level of purpose, passion, impact, happiness and level 10 of excellence. You are equipped with the road map on how to reach this destination and are prepared to do the work to make this vision a reality. Ready, set, go!

But then…

That old song on the radio plays again, that bad programming kicks in, a voice from the past creeps into your mind and totally overtakes you. Right as you are about the make that leap, you hit the brakes, decide not to leap, or stop short, mid jump, landing flat on your face. How many times while you were on the verge of this breakthrough have you ended up not breaking through or falling short? More importantly, why does this missing of the mark happen?

Truth is, for me, this is something I have struggled with for many years in many different aspects of my life. Each time that I have been close to a breakthrough that doesn’t happen, I have learned something new. I learned something new about my past story, my current state, my programming, my beliefs, and ultimately the things that self-sabotage me.

As you may already know, this blog series shares the experiences we had together and the leadership lessons I/we learned from our first ever Ultimate Immersion Experience in Spain in March of 2022.  If you have not had the chance, check out last weeks blog titled Your Goals Should Scare You. This week’s blog shares one of the most memorable and impactful experiences we shared as a team towards the end of our trip while standing along the Guadalquivir River in Sevilla.

Throughout our time on the trip, we discussed and explored our stories together. Each group member shared the journey they have been on, and the impact critical events in their life played in terms of shaping and defining them as a person. As a team, we shared and explored where we currently are in life, business, leadership, family and personal life, and more importantly, where we want to be. We deeply envisioned our stories for the future and the goals and outcomes associated with them.

As we were in the process of discussing and sharing our stories, one of the critical elements we reviewed were the core experiences, memories and data points in our stories that have left a deep impact on us. We discussed how these experiences ultimately left us making deep vows, both consciously and subconsciously, which turned into the programming we run and carry in our life.

We discussed how many of the programs we were running were serving us, elevating us, inspiring us, and making our lives and the lives of others around us better. We then addressed the other side of that coin. Just as your programs and vows can serve, elevate, and inspire you, they can also sabotage you, take you off track, and/or shut you down completely. Our negative programming and vows are the very things that prevent us from making breakthroughs and improvements in our lives.

At the river, I asked the team to bring down two rocks that I had given each of them earlier in the trip. When I initially presented the rocks to each team member, I shared and we discussed negative programming, patterns and vows. I asked each team member to write down on the rocks any negative programming, vows, baggage/luggage or disempowering beliefs and habits they would like to relinquish.

As we stood as a team in one of the most beautiful places in the world, each team member took some time to themselves to reflect on their lives, their stories, and what they were carrying that is weighing them down and preventing them from living their greatest lives. When each person was ready, they cast their rocks into the Guadalquivir River.

This was a very emotional experience for everybody. Many, after releasing their rocks, shared hugs, high fives, tears and joyful faces.

This experience, which I both facilitated and participated in, reminded me of the life events that have shaped and molded me, as well as the things that I carry that serve me. I also realized that some things that have served me in the past are no longer serving me in the present. I was also very emotionally overtaken as I relinquished my rocks into the river!

Question for you. What are your rocks? Why are you still carrying them? Who put them there? How long have you carried them? Are they serving you? Are they sabotaging you? Are you ready to release them?

Challenging and encouraging you to deeply explore your story today and understand and appreciate how it has shaped you.  Challenging and encouraging you today to release and relinquish anything that has been holding you back.

Remember 3 things:

I love you.

I believe in you.

You’ve got this.

Now, go get it!

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