What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Cam Newton

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Cam Newton

Cam Newton is catching lots of attention after Super Bowl 50.  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from observing the public’s reaction to Cam and his Super Bowl 50 appearance. Here are a couple of things for entrepreneurs to consider surrounding this topic.

  • When you play in a big game, like the Super Bowl, all eyes are on you.  What game are you playing in?  How many eyes are on you?
  • When all eyes are on you, there are high chances your actions, words, and behaviors will be  observed and evaluated. Who is observing and evaluating you?
  • When you are being observed and evaluated, many will draw conclusions and opinions about you. Consider the relevance of those opinions.  What opinions about you matter to you, and who do those opinions come from?
  • Social media makes it fast and easy for others to share their opinions with the click of a button.  What is being shared about you?  What are you sharing about others?
  • Humans are imperfect and miss the mark daily.  How are you owning yourself daily as a human being?
  • When millions of people are posting, sharing, discussing, ranting and raving with their opinions about you, it just means you are worth talking about.  Are you worth talking about?

As you continue your journey through business and life, consider these things.  Cam Newton, and any other public figure, can teach us all a lot about life and business.

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