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The Road Map

Imagine and vision the perfect vacation. Think about what you will be enjoying, who will be with you, what sandy beach you will be strolling along? What kind of food will you be eating? What will be some of the memorable events that will take place? Next, there needs to be a game plan and a road map to make this happen. One can not simply vision and dream then sit around and wait for things to happen. When you vision, you create a point B. You currently are at point A, and have envisioned B, maybe C, maybe Z. Regardless, there needs to be a road map to get where you vision yourself to be.

As I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the most frustrating things is when someone sits down with me and shares their vision, but has no plan to make it happen. Imagine getting in the car for a road trip to your vacation, and you have no map, no GPS, no Google map to get you there. Were you just planning to drive around aimlessly all day until you possibly reach your destination? What are the actual chances that you will arrive anywhere you want to be while traveling that way? The right side of The Circle of Impact uses powerful language to define yourself, your values, and then paint a phenomenal picture of life through your vision.

The left side is where you get to work. Boots on the ground. This is where you strategically plan the Xs and Os, or the movements you must take to get there. Having a road map that breaks down the distance, the direction, the turns, the dangerous roads, the detours, and the weather conditions is an absolute.

When it comes to your vision, how do you work backwards from the end goal and what do you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to get there. Having trouble road mapping? Think about the numbers and statistics associated with your vision. In last week’s blog, Write the Story of Your Life, I mentioned not to worry about how it will happen, the numbers or metrics. With the road map you now must consider this. If your point B and vision is to have a million dollar business, you must break that down into measurable and attainable numbers you map out and attain each week, month, etc. Now is the time to put numbers and measurements to your vision.

This is also the time to assign SMART goals to your vision. What must you Specifically do? How do you Measure it? Is it Attainable? Is it Realistic? What Time frame will you complete things? Just like a road map, your goals must have turns, distances, and be measured along the way.

Next week, I will share why it is important to have people in your vehicle as you travel on your journey.

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