As entrepreneurs, we hear voices everyday. We hear voices from the outside and hear voices from within. These voices, when received, processed and implanted into our lives, businesses and permanent thought patterns are what ultimately determine our outcomes. There are two kinds of voices we hear. We hear voices of fear, doubt, and discouragement. These

Why Entrepreneurs Need Adversity

As entrepreneurs, we wake up every day and face the challenge of growing our company and driving forward. As we do this, unexpected issues arise and road blocks present themselves in front of us. As much as we do not like them, these roadblocks, which I call adversity, are necessary for entrepreneurs and for anyone

Sales Lessons From My 5 Year Old

Children teach us a lot. They have a different and unique view of the world where they know and believe they can have anything they want. This view teaches entrepreneurs a lot about sales and life in general. Entrepreneurs who learn how to close business, and teach others to do the same, will consistently grow
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What Profit Really Means

One of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is they consistently make profit.  Along with making a profit, they consistently keep and reinvest their profits to win financially.  Last week, I wrote about how to be more profitable as an entrepreneur and discussed three key things relating to being more profitable. One thing I failed to

How to Improve Customer Service

Entrepreneurs are always searching for how to improve customer service, which seems to be more of a lost art these days. Basic customer service tells you, the entrepreneur, to thank your customers and appreciate them for their purchase, their time, and their investment in your product or service. As you grow your team, this basic

Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

What does it take to win in entrepreneurship?  What are the common traits a successful and impactful entrepreneur possess?  Over the years of meeting, learning about and spending time with some of the world’s most amazing entrepreneurs, here is what I have determined rings true for all of them. Passion. If you were paid a billion

Entrepreneur Lessons from Las Vegas

Las Vegas hold lots of lessons entrepreneurs can apply to their business and life. The lights, energy, emotion, experience and life on the strip is a must see for many reasons. I always view and observe things through an entrepreneurial lens. Here are a three quick insights, experiences and lessons I have taken away from
Cam Newton is catching lots of attention after Super Bowl 50.  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from observing the public’s reaction to Cam and his Super Bowl 50 appearance. Here are a couple of things for entrepreneurs to consider surrounding this topic. When you play in a big game, like the Super Bowl, all eyes

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs constantly focus on being as efficient and effective with their time as possible. Time management is a topic covered by many keynote speakers and small business coaches. Unfortunately, time management is a myth. Time can not be managed. It ticks away second by second, hour by hour. It is never controlled and you never
Every entrepreneur desires to win, grow, learn and be profitable. In my years of being a small business coach and keynote speaker for entrepreneurs, I have met and connected with some amazing people. In conversations with these people, I always search for the common themes attributed to their success and consistent patterns of winning. Just