Stay Out from Under the Bus

My painting company, M & E Painting, is in its high part of the season and we are keeping very busy right now. This time of year always reminds me of all the competition out there, and all of the competitors names that pop up when we are meeting with potential customers. Every time this happens, we have a choice to make. We can either make ourselves look better and sell ourselves, or throw the said competition under the bus.

Remember, making somebody else look bad never makes you look good. Make sure as an entrepreneur and business owner that you have enough great things to share about yourself. Never resort to talking bad about your competitors, even if you know they stink. We have a particular competitor and they are not really a great painting company. The owner is the nicest guy in the world and every time somebody asks me about them, I just say, “The owner is such a nice guy.” I then go on to share more wonderful things about my company.

The funny thing about this other company is that most of the time, they knock and slam us to try and get business, and this actually lands us tons of business because they are trying to make us look bad while I am complementing them.

So stay out from under the bus. If you are thrown under it by others, keep your cool and composure and remember that throwing somebody else under in retaliation, or to try and make yourself look better, never works. Remember, your competitors throwing you under the bus is done out of anger and fear because they have no idea how to compete with you. Take it as a compliment that you scare them so much that they feel they have to resort to that tactic. Remember how awesome you are and keep being that way!