Ultimate Immersion Experience Spain 2023

Ultimate Immersion Experience Spain. April 30-May 7, 2023.

Ultimate Immersion Experience

The Ultimate Immersion Experience: Spain

The Ultimate Immersion Experience: Spain (UIE) is a unique, once in a lifetime experience designed for business owners and leaders to travel to Spain with Matt for a weeklong experiential immersion leadership retreat. This experience is only offered once per year to a very small group of business leaders. Participants will experience the fun, sun, culture, cuisine, and history of Spain, all while participating in intentionally planned adventures, challenges and experiences that will inspire them to discover and unlock their purpose and leadership potential.

These adventures, challenges and experiences are all designed to take attendees out of their comfort zones and experience their leadership potential in meaningful, memorable, tangible and applicable ways. Through this journey, Matt will be alongside the group to facilitate this experiential coaching environment, all while enjoying all Spain has to offer.

The UIE is a combination of two of Matt’s largest passions in life that he is inspired to share with others.

Passion 1: Spain

In 2002, Matt studied in Spain during his spring semester at Colorado State University. Matt fell in love with the country, culture, people, cuisine, history, and experience of Spain. Over the past two decades, Matt has returned to Spain dozens of times, and each time he comes back with a newfound appreciation and love for the country. One of Matt’s largest passions in life is sharing Spanish culture with others. During the UIE, attendees will experience all of the fun, sun, culture, cuisine, history, and beautiful scenery that Spain has to offer right alongside Matt.

Passion 2: Leadership

Over the past two decades, Matt has founded and grown numerous companies, and his passion within business is leadership. Matt loves people and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves. He has personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, seminars and coaching to develop and enhance his personal leadership. Matt has also made the same investments in the team members within his companies. In doing so, he has uncovered and discovered many valuable tools, exercises, and methodologies which he packaged into his own leadership program. In 2020, Matt launched this program known as The Gentle Art of Leadership (GAL).

What Others are Saying About UIE Spain

"Matt knows how to throw a top notch, high quality event. Everything about the Ultimate Immersion Experience exceeded my expectations. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life."

Kevin Voorhees. M & E Painting

"I had some of my most profound professional and personal breakthroughs in Spain with Matt. I would highly recommend this experience to any business owner or leader looking to grow and improve.

Frances Powers. Sevilla Holdings

"Amazing! Absolutely amazing! What Matt has created with the Ultimate Immersion Experience changed and impacted my life in ways I can not put into words."

Steven Fretwell. M & E Painting

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