Proudest Moment in Business for 2013

The year of 2013 has come to a close. The last few weeks of the year flew by and business owners and entrepreneurs charge ahead into the next year. There are no guarantees for the year ahead. Whether there will be a ton of hurdles you’ll have to climb or the year will bring a lot of new things to your business, the year of 2014 is a complete mystery in this moment. What doesn’t stand as a mystery is what lies behind us. The past year is brimming with all sorts of stories entrepreneurs can tell about their business. Perhaps it was a year full of firsts for an emerging entrepreneur as they build their business up from the ground. Or perhaps a business owner opens a new line of products that customer rush to order and talk about. There are many things that can happen in 12 months. This isn’t to say that negatives don’t still creep in. For every business owner there is a time when the hurdles seem much too high to ever climb. But as the holiday season is upon us and the feeling of joy settles in, celebrating your proudest business accomplishments can be a small gift to you as a business owner. Below are some of the proudest moments in business from entrepreneurs across the country.