Gen XYZ: Matt Shoup, 29, M&E Painting

Sometimes, a little hardship is just the incentive needed for a successful venture.

In March 2005, Matt Shoup was laid off from his corporate job. Recently out of college, with debts and a mortgage to pay off, he faced his challenge head on.

“I had no money to my name,” Shoup says. “But I had a wife who was supportive, and I knew I had to make it happen. It was a good time to test myself and see what I was made of.”

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 The fire that made my company $100,000

It was just after midnight on  Sept. 22, 2011. I was just getting to sleep and looking forward to a much-needed Florida  vacation after the busiest season in my painting company’s history.

Like any other night, my cellphone rang repeatedly  It turned out the calls were coming from ADT Security and the Loveland Fire Department, who wanted to let me know that the M & E Painting office had caught fire.

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