Mike Michalowicz. My Money Bunnies

Congratulations to Mike Michalowicz on the release of his with book, and first children's book: "My Money Bunnies"

Mike Michalowicz is a small business author and speaker. His company exists to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

I have known Mike for the past decade, and as Mike has continued to invest and pour into me, and my companies over the years, he has also become a great friend.

My companies are where they are today, largely thanks to him. Mike has authored seven small business books: Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Pumpkin Plan, Profit First, Surge, Clockwork, Fix This Next, and his most recent book, Get Different.

Today he releases his eighth book, and his first children’s book, My Money Bunnies. Mike’s passion for business, finance, and now teaching some of these lessons to children makes me even more proud to call him a mentor, friend, and leader in the small business and personal finance world.

If I have ever provided you with any kind of value that has made your life, business or leadership better, will you please thank me by buying a copy of Mike’s new book. Here is the link below.

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