Magic Brownies Will Always Get You High

“Wait a minute Matt, I thought you talk about leadership and being a positive role model and example for others to follow?  What the heck are you doing talking about Magic Colorado Marijuana Brownies**?”

Here is why:  When you eat a magic Colorado brownie, they will always get you high, or so I have been told.  The reason is simple.  These brownies carry the ingredients in their recipe to punch you in the face with THC and get you high as a kite.

As a motivational and public speaker and coach, I often receive this question/comment: “Matt, all this personal development and leadership advice is great.  I keep working hard, applying typical success principals, yet I keep getting the same results. Why is this?”

Do you ever feel this way?  There are thousands of self help, simple systems, and pathways to success, growth and profit, so why do most people buy into them, only to find a few weeks or months later back in the same place?  The answer is simple.  These people want to stop getting high yet continue to eat magic brownies.

Things don’t change because you still carry the same recipe.  What is your recipe?  Your recipe is what you will produce 100% of the time when the heat gets turned on.  Life happens, there will be adversity, there will be challenge, and there will be storms.  The new self help, simple system and pathway to success feels great and is going well until life happens.  This adversity and heat (I call it a fight) tests your resolve and you find yourself right back where you were.  Does this sound familiar?

If you do not change your recipe, you will always get the same results when the heat gets turned on.  You can plug into a new system, seminar, book, counseling, or advice, but if you keep the same recipe you get the same result.  If your brownies are laced with THC, you get high.  If there is a bunch of salt in there, they taste salty. If you have ever baked you know what I am talking about. When you mix the ingredients for brownies into the bowl stir them, throw them in a pan and into the oven, what do you get every time?


“But I want pizza!” people tell me.  “I keep getting crappy results, and I want phenomenal results!”

Then stop mixing up crappy ingredients in your bowl.   Your recipe is the pure result of what you carry in your suitcase.  As you journey through life, love and leadership you have experiences that ultimately define you.  Your suitcase carries two types of items that become your recipe: Baggage and luggage.  Baggage is something that somebody else places on you that defines you.  Baggage can be either empowering or disempowering.  Luggage items are the things that you place on yourself that defines you.  Luggage can also be empowering or disempowering.

These items, identity statements, beliefs, wiring and habits all become a part of you and are the flag you carry, whether you are conscious of it or not.  These pieces of baggage and luggage become your identity.  When adversity happens and the heat gets turned on, these characteristics will be fully played out and produced in your life.  Remember, one bad ingredient can ruin the whole batch.  Certain ingredients make a tremendous difference in the results.

For example, if you had a life experience that left you angry because of something that somebody placed on your from the past, you will carry anger in your recipe.  Studying the newest self improvement, leadership, or growth book will do nothing for you if you wish to be happy.  If you carry anger in your recipe you will produce anger in your leadership and in your life.

So change the recipe!  Unlock your suitcase and evaluate what you carry and who put it there.  Your suitcase carries the tools, beliefs and wirings you need to be the ultra strong, confident, caring, loving, leading warrior version of yourself.  If anything in there is holding you back form that, eliminate it!   Feel free to download the Plant Your Flag workbook where I discuss unpacking your suitcase, luggage and baggage and exactly how to change your recipe.

Here is a video of a speaking engagement I did recently discussing this concept.

I would love your comments about this concept, and would love to hear your experience if you ever ate magic brownies, as I never have.  Go make it a wonderful life, Plant Your Flag, live, love and lead like a Warrior!

**Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting, promoting or encouraging the consumption of magic Colorado funny brownies by eating, drinking, smoking, or any other way you can get a Rocky Mountain High**