Invest in Others

As I look back on my first weeks of business, I remember how everything was so new to me, and I had a very limited idea of what I was doing. Every day was a lesson and many of my lessons were hard learned. One day, our office received a phone call but it was not for painting, it had been a call to the wrong number. They had meant to call M & J Carpet Cleaning. M & J Carpet Cleaning was a well-established, very successful family owned and operated carpet cleaning business in Northern Colorado.

The owner, Marwan Chatila, had moved to the United Stated from Lebanon in the 1980’s and established his business roots here. When I called M & J’s office to pass the callers information to them, Marwan answered the phone. When I explained who I was, he laughed, stating that they had received calls for us many times as well. I asked him to coffee to see if I could ask him some business advice. He immediately replied that he would be happy to meet and would love to help in any way that he could.

A few days later, we sat for coffee and he shared the story of how he moved here from Lebanon, launched his company, and many important lessons that he and learned over the years. Later, I reflected on our time together. Marwan was a busy business owner and did not need to take any time out of his day for me, but he did. He invested in me, he poured into me, and he was interested in my success. He explained to me over coffee that when he was just getting started, there were a couple of people who had invested in him and his success, and he had promised that one day when he became successful, he would do the same thing for others.

As you venture into life, leadership and business, remember to seek out the help of others. Ask to spend time with others who have already experienced success. You would be surprised how many of them are open, available and willing to spend time with you. As you become successful, remember to also be that person who invests in and pours into others.

I remember the day a new business owner asked me to coffee to pick my brain and ask me some business advice. I saw this both as an opportunity and a responsibility to continue the chain of contribution. Remember, this is not just a business thing, this is also a life thing. In any way that your life experiences can be shared with another person to make their life better, do share! Your experience, your knowledge and your wisdom is not meant to be locked up, held tight, and horded. Share it with those who seek it. Invest in others, just as others have invested in you.

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