How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Over the past 30 years, I have started and been involved in many businesses. I get asked a lot about the birth of M & E Painting and if I turned my passion for painting into a business.  I always laugh because I hate painting and personally am not very good at it.  Actually, I am not passionate about painting at all. I am passionate about the art and practice of business itself.  Over the years of growing businesses, I have always been intrigued and inspired by the process of taking an idea, launching it, and watching it grow. For me, business in itself has always been a passion, not necessarily the product or service the business offers.  Recently, however, this changed.


In 2002, I spent my spring semester studying abroad in Spain.  I absolutely fell in love with the country.  I fell in love with the culture, cuisine, coffee, history, scenery, and people.  I have ventured back to Spain dozens of times over the past 20 years to enjoy all Spain has to offer.  Over my years of traveling there, I always found ways to share Spanish culture with others.  I bring back coffee and treats, and many Sundays cook paella to share with others. As I shared Spanish culture with others stateside, I began to dream of sharing Spain with others in Spain; and for many years have dreamed of bringing others to Spain with me so I can share my passion and love for Spain firsthand.


Another big passion of mine is leadership.  Ten years ago I realized I was awful at leadership.  I realized my company was growing, but I was not.  I realized that my company would only grow to the degree that I did, as well as to the degree that I invested in and poured into the leadership of others.  For the last 10 years, I have immersed myself in leadership, just as I immersed myself in the country of Spain when I lived there in 2002. I spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in my leadership and the leadership of others in my company.


These two passions fused in December of 2021 when I announced we would be launching our first ever Ultimate Immersion Experience in Spain  I announced to the leadership teams from all of our companies that we would be taking them on a weeklong adventure filled with fun, sun, culture, cuisine, and history, experiencing Spain in a way that most people will never have the opportunity to.  More importantly, we shared that attendees would be participating in adventures, challenges, and experiences that would push them out of their comfort zone, forcing them and inspiring them to grow in their leadership. 


In March of 2022, 10 of us jumped on a plane, crossed the Atlantic, and had one of the most memorable, inspiring, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.  The Ultimate Immersion Experience was a success, and upon its completion, we decided it would continue as an annual event.  This experience is the combination of two of my life’s biggest passions rolled into one, and these passions are now a business. 


Now let’s talk about your passion project. Every business requires basic principles and fundamentals to operate, and so will your passion project. This week’s blog will not get into these basics.  I encourage you to read about these basics, by clicking here


What I do want to share is a few tips and thoughts as you consider jumping into a passion project.


  • Start small.  Take your passion, which will now be a product or service, to a small group of ideal clients and get their feedback.  
  • Ask yourself, how does this business make you feel?  Are you excited to have your passion now be a business? Many people will say yes, but believe it or not, some have said no.  I have spoken to a number of people who would prefer to keep their passion, just that, a passion, with no tie to business or profit.  That is 100% okay.  I have a couple of those things in my life that are sacred and will never be businesses. 
  • Decide how much of your time you will carve out and spend on your passion project.  Do not let it distract you from your other professional or personal commitments.  As your new passion business grows, you can always allocate more time towards it or jump ship from your current job or business.  (I will share more about jumping ship in a few weeks when I launch a new video coaching series.  Keep an eye out.)
  • Your passion will be contagious.  A true passion project will have you so excited that people will feel the energy and excitement coming from you.  This energy cannot be made-up or faked. This energy makes it very easy to attract customers to you, and you really will not have to sell anything.  This is always a new business owner’s fear, as they state, “I hate selling!” I promise, when you share your passion with somebody else that gets excited about it, they will be asking you where to buy.
  • Don’t let the business kill the passion. When I took my team to Spain in March, I had a moment of realization.  Spain, the place that I love so much, which has always been a place of relaxing, unwinding, and escaping the day-to-day of business, has now become a business.  It now works.  That was a very interesting moment, and one I had to manage with caution.  The last thing you want is to lose your passion for the very thing that you built your business around. Keep a close eye and pulse on this.
  • It is okay to keep it part-time.  I know many people who have full-time jobs or companies that fully financially support them, while their passion project is a side hustle where they spend 5, 10, or 15 hours a week.  They keep it small, and it works for them.
  • Last, and the most important point, is there something you really want to try, that you are really passionate about, yet you are scared to give it a shot?  Ask yourself this: in 10, 20, or 30 years, will you look back and have regret for not having given it a shot?  If so, take the shot!


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