Go For the 1 Star Review

Social media is on the rise, and growing leaps and bounds daily. The quickness and ease of fast, real and influential information transfer, and people just plain going to the internet to research you and your company is unavoidable. The days of a company being able to fake out a potential customer is gone. The internet has equalized the playing fields for companies of all shapes and sizes. Your customers have the ability to go online and say and share what they feel about your company with the click of a mouse.

Because of this, it is crucial that you monitor and actively grow your online reviews. Whether on Google, Yelp, or many of the other online review sites, your industry will have a top two or three that your customers visit to review your products and services. As you grow your review base, the ideal reviews are the positive, 5 star, 100% happy, elated feedback reviews. The reality is that you will not always get those. The truth is that if those are the only reviews your company has, it shows that something is wrong. You must go for and receive the 1 star reviews.

What?!! 1 star?! Why would you ever want that? The truth is that people are drawn to drama, bad reviews, and wanting to see worst case scenarios. When you are reviewing a company and see they have 20 five star reviews and a few 1 or 2 stars, which ones do you go to first? Many people I have spoken to and interviewed about this go for the 1 and 2 stars first. Why? They want to see the worst case scenario of what could happen and what has happened when someone works with your company.

These reviews show you are not perfect and that things can go wrong. They show how your customers react to these kinds of situations. The biggest opportunity this gives your company to shine is to show the online world how you respond to the review. The best thing you can do is to take accountability, and never push blame on to someone or something else. Own it and then let them know what you can do or already did do to rectify the situation. This online environment gets a conversation going, a conversation that everybody can see and read. When you own your mistakes and make them right, people will see this and be inclined to work with you more than if they just see a 5 star.

Your company’s true integrity and character will show not through the 5 stars, but what you do when you receive a 1 star. Go get some 1 stars!!