Get to Work

I was speaking to an entrepreneur the other day. This guy was on fire. He was full of energy, ideas, passion, and was ready to conquer the world. He was sharing his new business idea with me. He is very clear on who he is and what he stands for, and I love that about him. As he lined out and shared his vision, and then told me the action plan he had mapped out to accomplish this vision and mission, I immediately knew he was not going to make it happen.

Let’s just name this entrepreneur ‘Bob’. I have known Bob for a long time. He and I sit down frequently to share ideas and to talk life and business. Bob has been successful in his life, but not impactful. I would even share that he has been less successful than he could have been for this very reason. Bob needs to shut up and get to work. The Circle of Impact does not allow you to impact anything or anyone if you do not complete the last and most crucial piece, ‘ACT, DO, WORK’. It’s the WHAT that must happen in terms of tangible action to accomplish your vision.

Vision without action or execution is hallucination. I am not sure who said that, but I am stealing it because I like that phrase. Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had his dream then did nothing. No marches, no speeches, just a dream. Imagine if we as a country dreamed to land on the moon yet did not do the work every day to make it happen.

As entrepreneurs, we are blessed with the ability to dream big, think out side the box, innovate, and come up with some of the world’s most amazing solutions and fixes to problems. We still must get to work. From the minute we wake up to the minute we go to sleep, we must plan our daily activities that are congruent with who we are, what we stand for, what we vision, and align with our plan. If not, we are selling ourselves and others short, period.

Check your calendar. Is it filled with action? If so, are the actions aligned with who you are, what you stand for, your vision, your plan? Do you have others holding you accountable to these actions? The nice thing about action is when you do it long enough, averages and measurable start to appear. If you are missing the goal, and the plan is not working, yet you are still working and acting, you have data to work with. You can tweek, adjust, recalibrate, and ultimately make the corrections to get back on track. However, this only works if you are acting.

Are you acting? Do you know what you need to do? Are you still waiting to get to work?

Get to work! Make an Impact! Do Your Be!