Fluency in Your Leadership Language

At its core, a company is of a group of humans uniting to serve and accomplish a common vision, purpose and goal. As an entrepreneur, your goal is to serve, lead and assist people to become as effective as possible by leveraging their unique talents and abilities. Seems easy, right? Humans are diverse and interesting creatures, each speaking their own unique language in terms of their observable and non-observable behavior and leadership.

Human capital is one of the most expensive things companies invest in. Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the right people is essential for any company to thrive.

Imagine having the tools to quickly, easily and effectively recognize a person’s behavioral and leadership style, and have the ability to give them the tools to leverage those strengths while making big wins for you and your company. Imagine having everyone in your organization inspired and energized as they are leaning into their strengths.  Imagine having every member of your organization never having to do something they naturally are not wired to do.

Workshop touchpoints are:

  • The ability to quickly recognize the behavioral language and styles of yourself and others.
  • An in-depth, extremely accurate and thought provoking insight into your own personal strengths, wiring and leadership styles.
  • The tools and insights on how to adapt to other’s behavioral styles to obtain mutually beneficial results for all people involved.
  • How to instantly read anyone from a handshake, a quick conversation and through other verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • A detailed 50 page report which provides insights and feedback personally crafted for each participant.  These reports outline their unique styles, communication and leadership insights, actionable steps to take to lean into their style, and how to best approach other styles.
  • The capability to translate these concepts into your relationships, marriage, parenting and overall communication with any other person in your life.
  • Everyone tells me how much fun they had, how engaged they were, and how they loved the energy and vibe of this workshop!