Entrepreneurs, get some “ME” time in!

Being an entrepreneur brings great responsibility. It also brings great reward. We have the responsibility of supporting, encouraging and being impactful to all of those whom we serve. These people are our customers, team members, the community at large and anybody we come in contact with, share our vision with and affect through our business. We also have a responsibility to our family, children, spouses and other life commitments outside of business. This is a grand responsibility to be placed on our shoulders. With this comes the satisfaction of seeing those around us get lifted up and succeed while having their lives made easier, better and safer. With this comes the satisfaction of being able to leave an impact and legacy for the people around us.

Entrepreneurs and business owners spend a lot of time, energy, thoughts and focus on others. This is required to be both successful and impactful. One thing that I know I forget to do, and that others forget to do, is to have some “ME” time. Yes, I said it. It is 100% okay and 100% required to have some time to yourself to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and just plain unplug from the world. As a busy entrepreneur, I often forget to do this and to intentionally plan time for it. I have seen and experienced firsthand the consequences of not doing so and the burnout that comes with it.

If any of this resonates with you, here are some tips from my experience that I have used to deal with getting some good “ME” time.
• Intentionally plan time on the calendar to not do any business, meeting, calls, emails, etc. Set this time to reoccurring, to whatever degree and frequency you need.
• Make sure during this time, that others know this is time for you and it is not to be interrupted. Do not allow it to be interrupted. Turn that phone off, and hide it !
• Know what helps you to recharge and reenergize. Maybe it is a long run while listening to some of your favorite music, maybe it is a drive through the mountains or some hours on the river fishing. For me I find ability to recharge and relax by going to the gym and practicing Jiu Jitsu
• Do not let this time make you feel bad or like you are being selfish. In the case of getting “ME” time it is okay to be selfish. Make this about you. You are important, you deserve this and you should be enjoying things you enjoy.
• Remember that one can not pour into another’s cup when their cup is empty. Keep your cup overflowing so you can fill the cup of others.

I hope this week’s blog was helpful and that it encourages and inspires you to keep making an impact. Don’t ever forget to schedule some “ME” time.