Don’t Let Your Story Suck! The Warrior Way to Handle Trap Doors and Open Gates

You will leave a story behind.  That story is your legacy.  Make sure it does not suck!  As I coach and work with leaders, entrepreneurs and people from all over the world, here are the themes I see in relation to their stories. First, they are not writing it, somebody else is.  That is called a biography being penned by others in their life.  Second, the book sucks, and could suck for many reasons. The main point being, these people are not happy with the way their life, love and leadership are going.   Ask yourself the question: “If I was to die next week and my book would come to a close, what would it read?” Will it be a best selling, inspiring, encouraging story that your children and your children’s children will continue to tell?  Will your story stand the test of time or will you be forgotten?  Have you ever read a bad book? Do you keep reading if the author promises it will get better?  Does it get better? What if the author promises a turn of events and it never happens?  At what point do you stop reading?  What is your story?  Have people put it down?  Are people inspired to turn the next page?

I was recently coaching a client through the Warrior Way Coaching program.  He asked me a question in relation to his story and applying the Warrior Way to his life.  “Matt, I have stated my Warrior Credo and Planted My Flag.  How do I prevent others from knocking that flag down, taking me off base, and pulling me out of my arena?  How do I assure that I am writing my book and leaving the story behind that matters, and I am in control of?”

I help people to be phenomenal at life, love and leadership through teaching them the concept, lifestyle and mindset I call “The Warrior Way.”  Check out this quick video that describes the Warrior Way.   A warrior realizes that life is happening, and that they can have a powerful and positive impact on it.   They decide to show up, not just watch life go by.  When they show up they stand for something.  That something is positive, passionate, powerful, and purposeful.  They Plant Their Flag with that purpose and enter the warrior arena to do so.  They enter that arena through the gates of purpose, passing quietly and calmly past the noise of others.  They stand knowing that there will be a battle.  It will be a hard fought, intense battle and they are willing to die in that battle to accomplish their purpose and leave a beautiful story behind. In that arena they either accomplish their purpose, die fighting to, or get pulled out through a gate or trap door.  Those are the only three options available to the warrior.

A warrior’s credo is their all empowering, 100% certain, intense and powerful statement of who they are and what they stand for.  Their credo is the flag they carry and plant.  As they step into the arena something powerful happens.  The warrior creates an environment where there will be opposition.    The space in between the warrior and the opposition is the “fight.”  A warrior is always ready to fight. The problem is this.  People who do not live the warrior way will attempt to pull the warrior out of the arena through a “gate” into their space; the fighting, spectating or no showing space.  A fighter will pull a warrior out of the arena to fight a fight that is not worth dying for, or a fight with no purpose.  A spectator may yell loud enough to draw the warrior out through a gate into the fighting and spectating space.  A no show-er may also influence a warrior to a certain degree to step out of the arena into a life with no impact.  When this happens to the warrior, others control, edit, and write their story.  Only in the warrior arena can you write your own story that is powerful, positive and purposeful.

When a warrior enters through the gate of purpose into the arena, there are also other gates that he or she can exit.  These are the distractions, dis-empowering beliefs and lifestyle choices, negative and dis-empowering mindsets, addictions, and all around bad ways of life for the warrior.  Some of these gates are wide open and drawing the warrior out.  Some are just slightly cracked, the warrior may need to step closer to the gate, but will eventually be pulled out.  Some gates, for the moment, are closed shut and the warrior realizes that gate could soon be busted wide open.  The other way to get pulled form the arena is through a trap door.  One minute you are taking a step forward, the next, you are out of the arena.  You had no idea how you got there.  You just entered into a blind spot, and all you know is you are no longer in the arena.  When I get pulled from my arena, I know it immediately.  If you do get pulled out, the faster you re-declare your credo and step back through the gate to your flag, is when you get back to your story!

What are your gates and trap doors? Where do you stand in relation to them?  Are they wide open or are they closed tight? Have you fallen through any trap doors lately? Remember, your only true opponent will enter your arena and challenge you.  You must be ready for that fight and battle.  A fighter, spectator, and no show-er will challenge you, but will never have the guts, courage, or bravery to enter your arena.  They will only try to pull you out through a gate and/or a trap door.  I get  drawn towards and pulled out of my arena daily.  Some gates have the tendency to pull me more, and I can not get anywhere near them, so I steer clear of them.  Some are closed tight, but are still gates, and can eventually get cracked open, so be mindful of this.  Some are somewhere in between and it is up to you as a warrior to know which ones you can step towards, and which you must stay clear.

Remember, the warrior way is not about perfection.  It is about declaring who you are, what you stand for. It is about what you are going to do to leave a story behind worth telling long after you are gone.  I screw this up every day and so do many that I coach and work with.  That is okay.  Next time you get pulled out through a gate or trap door, understand how you got pulled out and why, so you can avoid it next time. Step back in the arena and plant your flag.

Remember, your true opponent will be in the arena waiting for you.  Do not get distracted and pulled out of the arena by opponents that do not matter.  Plant Your Flag, Declare your Warrior Credo, and Fight the Fight worth fighting.