Don’t be a knucklehead: Be an Entrepreneur First

“What a knucklehead!” I uttered again as another contractor (who will not be getting my business) left my house.   The past six months been frustrating, shocking and straight up hilarious.

Quick back story.

Our family moved across town in October of 2012 into our dream home.  But dreamy as it is, there was still a list of things we wanted to do to upgrade and improve—painting (We know some awesome painters by the way!), flooring, landscaping, installations, epoxy floors, blinds, and the list goes on.   So shortly after moving in we started interviewing contractors.  Lots of them.  I have met some quality contractors, but I have unfortunately interacted with more who are awful and many who don’t even show up.

I am in the contracting industry and own M & E Painting.  At M & E, we are entrepreneurs and business owners who happen to do it painting houses.  Many of our competitors are painters first who have happened to fall into the role if being a business owner, and, let me tell you, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!

There are basics of running a business.  If these necessary basics aren’t nurtured, a business won’t be a business for very long.  “What a knucklehead!” has become my mantra after dealing with so many loose cannons in the contractor world, so I’ve titled my blog, “Don’t be a knucklehead.”  Most entries will be amusing stories of knuckleheadedness that I have witnessed in the industry, but I’ll also pepper in some inspiring stories of solid, amazing and superior service.  Each story will have a little nugget of advice that you can apply to your business.

Are you an entrepreneur who happens to do _____________, (fill in the blank with your industry), or are you a _________________ (use same word from first blank), who is trying to run a business?  I strongly recommend that you are an entrepreneur and business owner first.  By locking down the habits of a phenomenal entrepreneur, you will become a leader in your industry, no matter what that industry is.  If you focus on the details of your industry first and then try to do the business stuff second, you will repeatedly experience frustration and never be able to grow.

So, keep an eye out for the blog series “Don’t be a knucklehead.”  I hope you enjoy it and have a few laughs.  I would love to hear your stories and experiences to share with everyone too.

Talk to you soon!