When you decide to stand for something, put yourself out there and/or create a change in your life, your business and your leadership, people will respond to you. This blog is a follow up from my Christmas blog titled Turn Anger Into Appreciation. Click here to watch. One of the most beautiful and uplifting things

Turn Anger into Appreciation

IN 2005, I was broke, I was broken, I was angry, and then I got fired from a job I hated. I had $100 left to my name and was six figures in debt. I was at rock bottom. I made some decisions that day. I decided I would never wear a tie to work,
Take some time to determine and share your values and WHY you make the decisions you do. How do you use these values to inspire the people around you.

Be Intentional With Your Time

A small business owner I am coaching recently asked me this: “Matt, how are you so successful, and how do you get so much done in a day? It seems like you have 127 hours in a day, and I only have 24.” Here was my response to him and my challenge to you. I
Does your pricing match the level of service, quality and experience that your customers are receiving. Are you priced too high? Are you priced to low? Remember, what you charge sets an expectation and creates an image to your customer. Make sure that your pricing in exchange for your service and experience are congruent.

Full Circle, Leave Your Legacy

Our lives as entrepreneurs are busy. We create systems, process, align with people and set goals with actionable steps to achieve a vision. Those are all great things. So why is is that when we reach a goal and arrive to a vision, that we sometimes feel unfulfilled? Is what we are doing coming back
What is your company doing to WOW your customers and everybody you come in contact with? Does your company have a system or method in place to do this consistently?
Every business will have an upset customer. Here is how to turn them into a raving fan in 4 Simple Steps.
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