Entrepreneur Lessons from Las Vegas

Las Vegas hold lots of lessons entrepreneurs can apply to their business and life. The lights, energy, emotion, experience and life on the strip is a must see for many reasons. I always view and observe things through an entrepreneurial lens. Here are a three quick insights, experiences and lessons I have taken away from
Cam Newton is catching lots of attention after Super Bowl 50.  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from observing the public’s reaction to Cam and his Super Bowl 50 appearance. Here are a couple of things for entrepreneurs to consider surrounding this topic. When you play in a big game, like the Super Bowl, all eyes

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs constantly focus on being as efficient and effective with their time as possible. Time management is a topic covered by many keynote speakers and small business coaches. Unfortunately, time management is a myth.  Time can not be managed.  It ticks away second by second, hour by hour.  It is never controlled and you never
Every entrepreneur desires to win, grow, learn and be profitable.  In my years of being a small business coach and keynote speaker for entrepreneurs, I have met and connected with some amazing people.  In conversations with these people, I always search for the common themes attributed to their success and consistent patterns of winning.  Just

How to Set Goals

Entrepreneurs are familiar with setting goals.  Any leadership and entrepreneurial material such as books, conferences, keynote speakers and blogs frequently cover the topic of how to set goals. As a small business coach, I consistantly see entrepreneurs stumble across one of the inherently wrong mindsets and failure programs surrounding goals.  Understanding these failure programs will ensure that
I walked into Infinite Jiu Jitsu Academy/Loveland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (formerly Infinite Mixed Martial Arts/Loveland Martial Arts) for the first time in 2007. I figured my decade of weight lifting, 300lb. bench press, supreme false confidence, brut force, and aggression combined with four years of another fighting style would allow me to hold my own against a
Will this marketing idea work? The entrepreneurs I coach ask me this question all the time.  The always intriguing question of where to spend time, energy and resources to ensure people reach out to get to know and buy from us, keeps us up at night. When an entrepreneur asks me this question the term marketing
One crucial outcome for every entrepreneur is to make a profit.  Every time I coach an entrepreneur running a small business, profit is one of the first topics we review and discuss. When discussed, they always ask how to be more profitable.  A business that does not make a consistent profit fails.  I remember just over
As a small business coach who has been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years, I am always asked the question: How do I grow my business? The question is broad, and as I dig in with a small business owner, it reveals their true question.  The real question relates to how to grow a
Martin Luther King Jr. shows small business leaders immense value through the power of his story.  Any phenomenal small business coach I know uses examples of his life daily as they coach others. MLK Jr. is a unique example that any small business coach, keynote speaker or Lifeplan facilitator can learn from.  On this day,