A question I receive often from many small business leaders is this: Which is the MOST important when it comes to growing and leading a small business, people or profit? The reality of this question is you cannot have one without the other. A small business does not operate without people, period. People play the
Want to know a secret? I stopped setting goals and New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Have you ever set a goal for yourself and not accomplished it? I have.  Have you ever justified and rationalized why it was okay that you did not meet your goal? I have. Why does this happen, and

Entrepreneurial Tidbits

This past week I have been doing some intense reflection and stepping back from the day-to-day operations of the business to consider some of the following points. These little entrepreneurial tidbits have been ruminating in my head. I hope you enjoy these: Are the things you are thinking about, acting on and planning for things
“What a knucklehead!” I uttered again as another contractor (who will not be getting my business) left my house.   The past six months been frustrating, shocking and straight up hilarious. Quick back story. Our family moved across town in October of 2012 into our dream home.  But dreamy as it is, there was still a