Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is recruiting, hiring and keeping amazing team members.  To make the leap from being a self-employed solopreneur to growing and scaling a business, involves hiring people.  Over my past 20 years in small business, I have hired a lot of people.  In the early days there
In 2007, I was introduced to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  That introduction was humbling, to say the least, but my journey with BJJ has continued to teach me about life, business, and leadership over the last 15 years. In the summer of 2007, I was driving to the Loveland Gold’s Gym for

When Things Go Bad In Business

Recently, I was having coffee with a small business owner who had just experienced his first big failure and letdown in business.  His company had been growing significantly throughout the year, and things were going extremely well.  He was riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster, was on the highest of highs, and he was celebrating his
I have had the pleasure of meeting some very successful entrepreneurs and leaders over the years, and I spent some time picking their brains to find out what makes them successful. In doing so, I discovered 3 things that all of them shared. When it comes to being successful not just in business, but also

The Power of Your Words

  Your words have power, so choose them wisely.  Your words have the power to make someone’s day, to uplift them, encourage them, and inspire them.  They also have the power to break someone’s day, to tear them down, and take the wind out of their sails.    In life, leadership, and business, we have
Yesterday, my daughter Hailey celebrated a major accomplishment in her life. 9 months ago, Hailey asked my wife Emily and I to buy her an Iphone.  We told her no.  We then told her she would need to make and save $1,000 so she could buy it herself.  She immediately replied by stating that she
When we decided to take our company’s leadership team to Spain for a weeklong leadership immersion retreat, we knew there would be a lot of planning involved.  In the months leading up to our Ultimate Immersion Experience, the planning team, consisting of my wife, Emily, Marketing and Events Manager, Danielle, and Executive Assistant, Frances, spent

Tips on How to Close More Sales

II still vividly recall the first time I was able to sell something. It was the year 1990, and I had just turned nine. Our family has recently relocated from New Jersey to Loveland, located in the state of Colorado. It was the middle of the summer, and I couldn’t stop thinking about purchasing a
If you are an entrepreneur and the owner of a business, there is a good possibility that you have pondered this topic at some point: What is the best method of marketing to grow my business? Over the course of my career as a business coach, I have had the opportunity to consult with and

How to Win Business Awards

I have been self-employed and the proprietor of my own company for the past two decades. Many business owners have approached me for assistance in running their companies or to inquire about hiring me as a business coach. When it comes to matters of marketing and advertising, one of the first questions that I am