Café Sevilla Coffee Bar. Showing Love to Others by Sharing Spanish Coffee with Them

In 2002, I went on an adventure that would forever change my life. At what I thought was the end this adventure, I realized it was just the beginning.

For 20 years I have been on a continued adventure with, and carried in my heart a deep love and passion for, Spain. I know this adventure will continue for the rest of my life.

I fell in love with it’s amazing and unique people, it’s rich and deep history, it’s unique and appealing culture, it’s varied and captivating landscape, it’s delicious and mouthwatering food, and last but not least…

It’s coffee.  Café con leche. What many of you have heard me refer to as “Spanish Coffee.” I love the taste of café con leche, as well as the way the people of Spain drink their coffee.

Café con leche’s literal translation is “coffee with milk.” Café con leche is a couple of shots of rich and bold espresso combined with the perfect proportion of steamed milk.  Taller than a cortado, yet shorter than a latte.

Imagine sitting for hours, soaking up the Spanish sun, enjoying deep conversation with a group of friends, discussing life, your visions, your goals, your passions, your family, and the things you are looking forward to in life. Now, imagine doing all this surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture, history, and culture the world has to offer.

Over the past 20 years, not only have I enjoyed been able to revisit Spain almost every year, but I have also enjoyed sharing Spanish culture with those I love in the United States. Every time I return from Spain, I bring some of it back for others to experience.

I share stories, I share gifts, I share and cook paella, and my most favorite, I share coffee.

2020 disrupted my ability to travel to Spain and share Spain’s coffee with those I love. Since I was not able to go to Spain, bring anything back from Spain, and even receive shipments from Spain, I found another way to do so.

I reached out to those I know to ask for help. We went straight to the source.  We sourced the beans, we sourced espresso boilers, we sourced everything needed to share Spanish coffee with others.

(I am so thankful for the team of people who have helped this sourcing and streamlining to happen. Stephen Muraguri, my Kenyan coffee dealer.  Diego Lima, my crazy Brazilian coffee aficionado. Amanda Lima, Diego’s wife, and business partner. Pioneer Press who has been key in the bag and label creation.)

Everybody tells me that I “should start a business” to sell our coffee, and recently many have asked to purchase this coffee.

As much as I am a businessman, there are things in my life I wish to keep as passion projects. My passion of sharing Spanish coffee will continue to happen, but not for profit.


I will never let a great idea not be explored from all angles. So, after much exploring, I have decided…


Welcome to Café Sevilla Coffee Bar!

Café Sevilla is our FREE Spanish Coffee Bar located at 1542 Taurus Ct. in Loveland, Colorado.

Café Sevilla Coffee Bar exists for two reasons.

First and foremost, Café Sevilla exists to:

Show love to others by sharing Spanish coffee with them.”

At Café Sevilla, we invite friends, family, clients, vendors, and members of the community to enjoy Spanish coffee and share our lives together.  This tiny little corner and espresso machine in our business headquarters fills the building with aromas of coffee, stories of lives, and positive and uplifting energy and love.

The second reason Café Sevilla exists is to:

Send Colorado State University Students to study abroad in Spain through the Matt and Emily Shoup Spain Study Abroad Scholarship. 

Since its creation in 2007, Emily and I have sent 15 students to Spain who may have not had the chance to go due to financial conditions and restrictions. Many of these students have returned and shared the stories of what a life changing experience Spain was for them.

At Café Sevilla, our coffee is not for sale. We are not a commercial food and beverage establishment. Most of our guests choose to share some love in the form of a donation, tip, and token of appreciation that goes directly to our scholarship.

I never thought, in 2001, when María del Mar Lopez Cabrales constantly encouraged me (I say harassed me) to travel to Spain, that this suggestion and my response to it, would come full circle like it has 20 years later.

Thanks to María, not only will this adventure and love affair for Spain continue for the rest of my life, this adventure, these stories, this love and passion will be shared with others through coffee, through CSU, through study abroad, and will continue to live on for years after I am gone.

Be the giver of encouragement, suggestions, loving harassment.  You never know where it may take somebody, and what they somebody may do with it.

If you would like to learn more about Café Sevilla, click here.  If you would like to contribute to the cause, click here.